Emergency Exit

Background: grew up poor. Have money now.

Game history:

Year 1: FTP. I won’t spend a dime on pixels. I will never spend a dime. I have a deep understanding of marketing, psychology and gacha, loot boxes and in game currency traps.
I pick up my first year: marjana, joon, lianna, victor and kin Arthur. I am excited. All for free!
I finish map one, solid on the buildings and working on season 2.

Year 2: 1 gift card for my birthday. Spend VIP for the year. Get nothing. Oh well. Working on season 2 and will save for a chance at any season 2. Get all the 4* and 3s. Excited! Tried hard for Seshat, Kingston. Nope. No HOTM either. A couple more season 1 5s.

Year 3: A saved 20 summon at the end of Christmas. Vela x 2! She is amazing! Save for a chance at JF. (Beta version) my game is going to change! I can start to really compete! Finish events! Aim for top whatever! Telly from beta looks amazing. I will spend a little and with those 3 I’ll be holding my own in the leader boards. Valhalla is coming when Telly’s out. Kismet! Telly is released I spend the equivalent of a good night out with friends. I’m talking dinner, movies, drinks, desserts all on me. Can’t go anywhere so why not? I get telly and tyr. I am going to win now! …
Not winning. Why? Troops, emblems, time to level, ascension mats, food, iron, recruits…
But wait new heroes in Valhalla. They’re amazing and much needed. So are the HOTM. Each have there very own use. Some good some ok. But I’ve got them all so far. I’ll try to get the rest. And GRAVEMAKER is here soon. Him and Clarissa will be OP! I’ll enjoy myself even more! Easier to beat events, win tournaments …
GRAVEMAKER costs a weekend trip away with the girls. COVID right? So who cares. My budget blown each and every event. But I tell myself. Just this year. By December your roster will be amazing and you will be in the top of things. Then December hits. New heroes. I’ll get them. Good odds 1.5%! When I have them I’ll be set.
Lord loki comes out. He is like every hero wrapped into one. Odin was missed. A week away on holidays but a no show. Loki or Odin might pop out this round. Another weekend away worth spent and I get mad because I got my 3rd gefjon. I read about season 4. I read about league of villains. That’s it. I sit down and actually calculate what I have spent. It is the equivalent of; a small affordable car. Or 4 one wheels all kitted out. A trip for 4 to all inclusive in a warm climate. A years worth of dinners, movies, lunches, gifts, shopping trips, events.

I blink. My whole life I have had difficulty spending large amounts of money due to my upbringing. I have been careful and manage my money well. I know all the odds, read every warning, understand the psychological marketing strategies and yet here I am. I have lost against the team of SG and their insidious practices. Me, who has been careful my whole life. I thought I gave myself permission this year to treat myself in this lockdown, but instead I imprisoned myself. I forgot the cardinal rule.

The house always wins.

I have a great roster. But I can never win. so long, as my experiment of paying to play failed for me, but it’s a total win for SG. !


As for me, you can’t lost against SG, because you don’t compete with them.

Your have a very good roster, indeed. Why not just enjoy using it?


What is your goal in the game?


I appreciate all the honesty with yourself and knowing where you stand.

You do have a great roster. It wants for nothing.
These shiny new heroes are just a moving goalpost. you will never have the best.
There is no need to be enticed by them or to spend anymore.

Be happy with what you have, level those important heroes up (and the ones that will give you the most enjoyment) and don’t care for any more summons etc - they aren’t worth it.
Work your titan teams, work your roster, work your troops.

Whichever path you choose, I hope you choose one that makes you happy.

Edit: If you like, I can also recommend some great holiday alliances where you can play amongst some great players without the stress of competition.


A post that points out the insidious practice of the mobile game companies. Many have been trapped, me too in a much lesser way. You speak of truth but only few will understand your words(see the replies for example, advices how to play, enjoy what you have, etc, etc, from addicted people, including me). Hope you find your way through it, my friend.


In my opinion it’s not normal spend so much money on game like this. Of course EaP will live while those people exists, but it not looks adequate. Buy TV 60"+, PS or XBOX and enjoy with your family in high resolution :slight_smile:


Hmm, I have no problem understanding his words, or their meaning. I merely seek to point out an alternative. If your goal in this game is to compete for the top without “a total win for SG” you are likely playing the wrong game. If you temper your expectations and just enjoy what the game offers then you are much better off both mentally and monetarily.

Yes, I am addicted, but my playing is certainly not a win for SG.




SGG always win in this game - they get money in any case, you get good heroes (bytes and pixels) (sometimes), emotions (sometimes) and flasks as apologies (sometimes), but nothing more

In which way PS is better? (Besides an ability to view a picture HD or 4k). You pay somewhat $50 to download a game, spend may be couple of weeks playing it. After that you drop the game because you either passed it through or got annoyed with it. After that you buy another one and everything repeats.
All the same I can spend $50 per month in E&P.


You are really want to compare PS/PC/XBOX games and this? :slight_smile: I see TS roster and I am sure - it was not 50$ per month


As I said, I don’t see a big difference. If you think it exists, then, please, point it out. I don’t mean difference between arcade, shooter or strategy but generally.

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For 50$ on PC/PS/XBOX you get absolutely full product at a much higher cost price. For 50$ in EaP you may get nothing or few new pics


Yep. so, e&p is more justly compared to gambling.

Just a casino, but with one exception - you cann’t get money from this :slight_smile:


And this product is effectively the same set of pixels as you have in E&P. As I said, you’ll most likely stop playing it within a month and will never come back to it. In all computer games (PC, PS or mobile) you pay for time you spend with pleasure. E&P is not an exception here.


Well said. :innocent:

Yes, but with not comparable cost price. If compare EaP and PC/XBOX/PS - SGG selling air :slight_smile:

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Thrilled from summons?
You can only buy fun here.
Nothing else.


Better will be “to try to buy fun” - no any guarantied what you will get this fun. Only one can be guarantied - you will pay for it :slight_smile:

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