Emblems Zeline >>> Alfrike?

Zeline now has18 emblems. Do you think it would be wise to give them to Alfrike for def purpose?

I already have 18 emblems Kingston and very near 19 emblems Telluria.

Is it wise to make this decision yet? In defense I would try putting her next to Tell.

Zeline over Alfrike all day, every day.

Because Alfrike is Very Slow Mana, she needs to be as close to the centre as possible… Tank is really her ideal position…

Zeline on the other hand can slot in as Flank or Wing quite easily without any real issues… But then if you’re running Telluria at tank already, you may not want to be putting dual greens on defence…

I would say that it COULD work out BUT the Very Slow mana may be quite a hinderance… Alfrike is really great on defence IF / WHEN she fires off her special… She’s actually crippling…

I actually think she’s worth a shot at flank for tell, definitively not going to use zeline on def with what you have…give it a shot and see what happens

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