Emblems vs. limit breakers

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While I also don’t like the limit breakers, I plan to continue with the game for a while, at least. From what I see they seem to override emblems upgrade. Do you know how they work? Is it still worth to emblem heroes in this situation?

I’m pretty sure they won’t override. They will stack.

From the beta beat thread …


i suppose we’ll find out the hard way, but when i looked at the Limit Break screen (similar to an ascension screen), it used the hero’s base stats at max level. i assume emblem bonuses would be added on top of that, though i don’t know if the percentage based bonuses would be based on the base stat or the limit broken stat.

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All maxed heroes, whether emblemed or not, are eligible to limit break using aethers.

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As per behavior in Beta:

  • You will able emblem hero after limit breaking even if you have not reached the new +5 level
  • The bonuses what the emblems give are applied on the stats which are boosted by the limit break and the advanced leveling…

If you only use the costume version is there a point to leveling the base hero after limit breaking?

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No, if you do not want to use the normal version, then there is no point on taking it to +5 level.

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