Emblems to next domitia node or start Peters/Scarlett/Kelile?

I have Domitia currently as my only 5* purple that is maxed. I have Obakan at 1.1 and enough mats to level him but I am waiting for Sartana for a while. I have all the purple 4* Rigard +20, Tiburtus 4.70, Sabina 3.41, Cyprian 1.1. Plus Proteus 4.70 and Amoenna 2.xx.
Her stats at +7 are: 725 / 713 / 1421

Originally Scarlett had the emblems until Domitia got maxed and I reset and gave them to her. She is at the next step for 125 emblems where I can choose a nice HP boost or mana boost of 2%. I have a few questions here.

  1. If I choose to continue on Domitia, should I use the mana boost? The 2% plus a L?? troop will take her (and Rigard plus any other average purple with the 2%) to 9 tiles down from 10 (A L11 troop works with druids due to the 4% boost like Melendor. The L?? is because I need to check which troop I need for the 2% boost to work, needs 11% total). However, if I have a troop to use should I take the path to reduce her to 9 tiles? I often use her with other snipers and they are fast so it would be nice to have her go off with them (usually it is 9 anyhow though I know fast is only 8 but match 3x3 gets 8 or 9 but not 10).

  2. Instead of using on her who should get them from Scarlett, Peters or Kelile? I had them on Scarlett and she was still very soft despite upping the defense. I am leaning to Peters as his skill is great and goes nice with Proteus so he is useful in many places.

  3. Should I give them all the first node and then focus on whoever comes out ahead from number 2? (Peters, Scarlett, Kelile)

For me Peters was a priority, over Marjana and Domitia. +19 now and over 50% of any success in tournaments is on him. I’ve chosen only the atk path, obviously, as any rogue should have this path. And I don’t really know if it’s just fate or coincidence, but I never lost an attack in AW if Peters was in that team.

P.S. Imo, Peters should stop at +19. Last 70 emblems would only be wasted.

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With 2% mana bonus you would need mana troop lvl 17 (11%) as you need to have at least 12 % boost. If your mana troop is lvl 23 or higher, you don’t need mana bonus from talents at all.

Peters is definitely good choice, Scarlett can be good against titans (if you have room for her).

Reference: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed (Now including Ninja Heroes)

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