Emblems to increase mana generation (Tiburtus as my example)

I’d do the mana buff, then lvl 17 troops are the mana break for him instead of level 23 :man_shrugging:

But also depends how important it is to you

I dont use tiburtus outside of holy titans and on titans mana at average or higher isnt a huge enough issue to boost it in my opinion


and Athena…and I’m looking at the same thing for her.

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In general the unfortunate thing about the Mana Bonus is that unlike all the other stat increases or Healing/Critical bonus is that you can make it redundant if you do later decide to increase your Mana Troop to the point it would have lost the tile anyway (it’s a shame it isn’t a permanent -1 tile boost on top of any troops) and then mean you’ve missed out on the benefits of the other branch.

There is also an opportunity cost to consider that if you only have one Mana Troop in the colour sufficiently leveled to make that +2% work are you happy committing the mana troop to that one hero for the long term to get that benefit.

Generally speaking I prefer to try and keep my options open in the long term more rather than make that commitment so I’ve taken the approach that I only go for the Mana Bonus if the hero is Average mana, if it isn’t Average I won’t go for it.

Why average? Because I’ve got Ariel and Lancelot. The +24% Mana Buff from their special will shave 2 tiles off any Average hero with even the +2% Mana Bonus so even if I use Critical troops on the Average hero they can temporarily become fast heroes when buffed by one of those heroes. So essentially if you have a +24% Mana Buff hero like Ariel, Lancelot, Khagan, Boss Wolf etc you might use with them then the +2% on an Average hero allows you to give another hero in your stack the Mana Troop and shave two tiles from your hero whenever a +24% mana buff is in effect.

Otherwise if they’re not Average the mana bonus doesn’t get me an additional benefit I can’t get from powering up the troop further (and means missing other benefits if at a split in the talent tree) and I believe there were hints that with the new building upgrades coming soon there may be the possibility of getting troops from upgraded Training Camps so levelling troops may become faster in the future.

Though naturally this is just my opinion and approach, there can easily be made a case for the likes of Fast heroes that no longer needing to take troops up to Level 29 means you can start on a second troop soon etc so ultimately this one may come down to people’s own preferences/playstyles.



If im not mistaken the defense x2 is lower than defense x1 for Tiburtus.
So mana +2% is the logical and efficient choise, imo.

Nope. Health multiplier works out quite badly for 4* heroes, frequently less than the health addition, but attack and defense multipliers are at least a few points better than the standard 15 and 18, if not as good as a 5* would get. (Well maybe except for really low stats like Kash’s attack or Jackal’s defense!)

But even if it is less than a “standard” stat upgrade, it still improves the stat, and a mana bump that leaves charging in the same class is completely worthless … and a mana bump of one tile is HUGE.

I also realized that every class has a mana bonus in their tree somewhere:

  • rangers and rogues get the option of +2% mana at stage 8
  • monks and sorcerers get +4% mana at stage 20
  • All the rest get the option of +2% mana at stage 19

I’m thinking that it makes sense for average mana heroes, whose breakpoint would be a L23 mana troop, and get the benefit at a L17 or L11 instead. (Unless you’ve already taken your mana troop to L23 or higher)

Conceivably a slow mana even very slow mana would benefit in certain circumstances, and if you’ve already bought L23 mana troops, fast mana gets its bump without waiting for L29.


yup. i know

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You can definetely achieve l23 without spending, but it does take a while

Btw, I chose this path with Buddy :slight_smile:

I’ve only played a year, and know people who have played two years. I was guessing that the amount of feeder troops you can farm plus the amount of free troop tokens was still insufficient to take a 4* troop to L23, after a 2-year player who had L23 troops acknowledged that he had done some troop purchases to get there.

I don’t know about anybody else, but while I’ve only done one or two 10-pulls of troops, I have purchased quite a few bundles that had 3* troops and/or troop tokens like the monthly army packs.

I stand corrected. It is possible for the longest players, even without purchases.


I’ll have to add that the amount of troops I have received as loot vary enormously. I get an abundance of blue and dark troops, while holy are scarce. I doubt I have enough feeders to bring a yellow to 23.

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I would be inclined to optimistically assume you can make whatever troop level goal, or at least 17 and 23, if not 29. Part of this is because the Ask Me Anything mentioned that we may be able to train troops there in the future. Source.

Relevant quote:

At the moment, you can currently get troops through there as well. It’s pretty cool, this training part of the new training building.


If I ate all my threes my purple could get to level 22, playing 1yr 4months. Almost to level 20 with 1 and 2 stars only.

The $64 question is: are you expecting to be at a point in a few months where Tibs will still have the emblems?

In general, I’m a “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” kinda guy. If this is a long-term decision to leave Tibs emblemed, then it prbably makes sense to do mana. But if you’re even 60-40 that you’ll redistribute the emblems by the time you troop hits 17, I’d go for the +def. That pays off right now.

Short answer: yes.

My first 10 4*s I’m embleming up are intended for relatively long term use. With them being similar to non-emblemed 5*s, adding them will get me to almost 30 “5*” war heroes. I expect to do mostly 5* heroes after that, but a few classes will likely get a second 4*

They were a lot of fun in the 4* raid tourney too.

A year from now is a lot less clear, but that justifies the mana branch in my mind. I doubt I’ll have a purple L23 mana troop before then!

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Yeah, in that case I’d go mana and just try to hurry the troop along a bit.

Anyone know if this would include 4* troops similar to TC20?

The AMA answer linked in @IvyData’s post contains everything known about the Advanced Training Camp so far.

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Yeah, read it few times, can’t wait, especially now that I’m F2P. Feels like the world is off my shoulders. Just curious about rumours as there ain’t much going on in beta from what I heard last time. Been a bit out of the loop tbo, decided to take a back seat & just play

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This is true when attacking. However, in defense the usual treshold do not apply as mana generation is different. But I doubt that Tiburtus will be in the defense team for the long term.

Keep in mind that ally/opponent’s skill that affect mana generation will also alter the threshold.

We need opinion from game specialist here :grin:. @Kerridoc

It is true defending as well. However, when defending there are a few extra breakpoints that don’t help when attacking, so there are extra “useful” levels for sone mana speeds. (Somebody will probably link to them, I hope)

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I am leveling my Crit 4* troops to 15 and my Mana 4* to 17 because I am leveling 1* to 4* troop ( 9 of each color or 45 total troops )

Mana node

I am doing the mana node because many heroes buff mana generation ( Tuck, Khagan, etc. ). I would love a Tourney with 1* heroes and 4* troops.


And resetting nodes sucks right now.

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