Emblems to Brienne?!

Crazy thought: Would it be worthwhile to use emblems on Brienne?? Make her essentially a 4* with that berserk ability–which is put on all heroes, not just nearby.

From what I’ve been reading it won’t make her 4*… She’ll still be a little squishy. (I however may be wrong on that) That being said, I don’t think I’d use emblems on her personally, but I am levelling the crap out of her and will most likely level another. She was incredibly useful for me today in the quests.

Still a little squishy for my tastes, but it sounds fun to try.

I focused on defense and health so she’d live long enough to boost everyone.


Which tool are you using or is that a custom spreadsheet :joy:

I’ve not seen that spreadsheet… Where did you find it if you don’t mind me asking?

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It’s Kamikaze Assassin’s spreadsheet.

Lots of useful stuff in it, like auto-sorting your heroes against the Trials so you can plan who to level.


Perfect. Thank you muchly.

You’re very welcome. Enjoy.

The thought has crossed my mind too. Brienne is hugely useful, but I’m not sure the limited stat upgrades are really worth prioritizing her.

As @anon89026910 and @Garanwyn said, it won’t be enough to make her akin to a proper 4*, so keeping her alive in most situations will still requires tricks like Wilbur for spirit link, or a fair number of healing pots.

I think there just really needs to be a 4* version of Brienne, much like Wilbur filled the gap for a 4* spirit link to upgrade from Kailani and Gunnar.


You mean Wu Kong? 20chars

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Brienne never misses!

In the last trials, i used Brienne and Melia, it was really nice. They made a great pair. Also had Caedmon (4.64), Belith (maxed but SS 6/8) and Hawkmoon (3.17 ss 4/8). I was only able to kill boril in the last stage, but i didn’t think about bombing my way, otherwise, i may have won…

So now, I’m really considering Melia or Brienne

Melia is indeed another interesting option!

This is something wukong can’t do: brienne + gunnar are an amazing combination!


Kailani also stacks well with Brienne.

Only for events and 3* tournaments

She would never be a 4* , shes at least similar to a 4* at 3/60.

Think that wu Kong have serious problems with 11* star Titans . Hes fragil and he may die with a single blow .
Brienne should be fine until TTlvl 7 or 8 at max

With costume she’s amazing! Consequently, she was integral in my passing Legendary tier’s final stage in Avalon last week.

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Took her to legendary? How did she manage to keep her alive?

Depends on where you will use her.

She would be great for 3* and 4* tournaments, rare and epic tiers of events. Probably that’s all you got. If you get her costume, embleming her makes much more sense.

Costume meant Brienne II was maxed, a few emblems may have been used. Brienne, Brienne Costume and Gunnar are a mad combo IF you are going for tile damage and survivability.

I’ve used Brienne along with other heroes who attack everyone…mostly when farming…she sure does help out alot

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