Emblems Rewarded [Developer Response in Post 98]

It is posted they will have 2 Class quests per week coming soon in the quest screen.


At least it would be something if they were dropped from map grinding… After 8 month of grinding I got about 3000 rugged clothes… so if emblems dropped at about the same rate, in a few month of grinding people should be able to level some parts of a few heroes talent trees… but with them coming out of the chests at this rate, a year from now nobody will have a completely evolved hero…


Remember that you use Emblems in small groups. You don’t need 1500 Emblems before you can use the first emblem.

It’s also not at all clear to me that an “all or nothing” strategy for leveling your heroes is best. There appear to be some sweet spots along the tree that could be natural stopping points.


This also just rolled out. They will adjust the drop rates as they go.

Got mine. How the heck do you use them?

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Cost efficiencies


The all the nodes after 5 / 5 talent on a 5*, cost 525 Emblems, more than a 4*+20 Total.

Last Node

The cost of the last node on a 5* is 250 Emblems, I predict a lot of +19 Heroes.

Except for Paladins which get a nice defense boost at 5*+20 .

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Zero from killing a rare 5* titan (no one has confessed to getting the Tabbard either)

3 Rogue from Monster. 2 Wizard from Diamond Raid

I got 3 sorcerer emblems in my regular monster chest. They’re my first apart from the inbox ones.

@JonahTheBard picked a fantastic time to retire/detox, these emblems will have us farming at 3am in the morning


Ouch, that’s painful. Perhaps @petri can clarify the release notes that state that emblems can drop from titans. If not from rare, then where?

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From a holy chest today. Only problem is that I don’t have a fighter to use the emblems on right now!


Another standard monster chest with no emblems.
The titan chest after the rare titan was also lacking emblems. Perhaps I should reboot my phone, clearly on the wrong side of the RNG today.

I wonder which loot slot they are in, ascension is my guess but nothing more than my guess.

Emblems seem to,have a new slot.


Fire chest rewards

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Opened 4 chests - 1 stinking emblem. Fail implementation, and no I won’t buy them SG

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That sucks, man… Day 1 and you’re not able to max your heroes? What kind of sick fantasy is SG running here?


3 regulär chests without tokens so far.

Skipped every ■■■■ diamond chest till it says next skip. Only 4 emblems.

This sucks. :unamused:

I am happy the drop is as for AM… I feared that the game will turn to p2w… Like this IT remains a p2p game. GG SG! :wink:


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