Emblems Rewarded [Developer Response in Post 98]

HOLY HELL! That is a INSANE rate chest prize. hope you don’t plan on any more good luck this year…all your luck for the year just dropped in that chest. :joy:

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I got 5 emplems on a purple chest but my wife got 20 :slight_smile: so its about luck , yestersay i v skiped 2 monster chest and got only food iron and 3 gems flat :)) before that had 2 emblems :slight_smile: , patiance

Got 30 from a war chest today

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From an alliance member’s ice chest earlier today…

Lame :roll_eyes:

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My nature chest > 5 emblems

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by the incorrect information tooltip text regarding Emblems. Currently, it is not possible to gain Emblems from the Alliance War loot, only Alliance War Chests. We’ll be fixing the Emblem tooltip texts to reflect this.

Here are some clarifications on the intended Emblem economy from our game designers. Please note that the Emblem economy is still something we’re developing (which is also the reason why the drop rates are very cautious in the beginning) and several improvements are likely to be done in the following months.

General goals of Emblem allocation:

  • Majority of the Emblems a player can gain are completely free and not tied to purchases.
  • Emblems are more likely to be gained from specific rare sources and upcoming features rather than the most common sources.
  • Once all major Emblem sources are active, players should be able to advance, on average, several legendary class levels in a month.

About Emblem allocation by activity:

  • A significant portion of all Emblems can be gained via Class Quests.
  • A significant portion of all Emblems can be gained via new features launching in early/mid-2019
    • This specifically includes the Weekly Raids, soon in beta
  • A portion of all Emblems can be gained via Rare Chests and Rare Loot
    • This specifically includes War Chest, Rare Titan victory loot (ETA: Version 19) and Rare Wanted Chests
  • A portion of all Emblems can be gained via common Wanted Chests
  • A small portion of all Emblems can be gained via active VIP Pass in the upcoming versions (ETA: Version 19)

Thank you all for your understanding on this matter and for providing your feedback on the Hero Classes so far. We are looking forward to developing this feature further and will be following the discussion here closely!


@Sara I just want to say thanks for addressing the concerns of players, and taking the time to post clarification of the intentions.

I look forward to the evolution of the Emblem economy as new features and loot sources are added, thanks again!


@Sara Would like to echo @zephyr1 above and thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to the new updates.

Back to drop rates:

Monster chest - 2 emblems
Raid chest - 0


Thank you immensely for this feedback, hoping also that rare chests would be better available than it is.

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@Sara - thank you for taking the time to clarify and give more detailed information about the intended and upcoming availability of the class emblems.

I am looking forward to the new developments of the game.


My last 6 opened chest, no emblems in them… Luck ?

@Sara, I really hope the drop rate increases and to be more places to loot emblems, because right now It would take years to max 5* heroes…


A very good post, thank you.
So once every piece of this feature will be ready, we finally see the real overall quantity of drops.

Really hope it is more early 2019 rather then mid, and please consider titan chest as one of the “significant portion”.

It takes a week exactly as weekly raids.


How many months or years are needed to get the 1500 emblems for maxing a 5*?

It’s not a complaint, just a question.

20 characters full of hope.


Dont get your hopes too high, 1 level in each of the 10 classes is still several legendary class levels in a month, and it would still take 20 months to fully evolve it


I like your obtimism :unicorn:

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This is a very good point. There is a big difference between raising 10 heroes several levels a month versus levelling several heroes one level a month. Perhaps the devs can offer us a clarification on this.


Just reality. The other time Sara was here was to give some lame excuse. I dont even remember what it was, but I remember the feeling I had. They are yet to introduce some ways to get emblems, like the weekly raid, but everything else seems to be the way they want it to be. It wont come from “the most common souces.” It will still be 0 emblems in the monster and raid chest, no emblems on titans and so on.

“Majority of the Emblems a player can gain are completely free and not tied to purchases.” Well 51% is already majority, they can do this all they will still be right in what she said.

Currently only 33% of the heroes are obtainable in f2p, so the game is in its majority p2w. I just remembered her answer last time, it was about this p2w aspect and the only thing that changed was that the loot tickets are a little more common.

I just dont buy answers right away, specially from a greedy company. This whole emblem thing is a punch in the stomach for p2w. I am f2p, I have all the heroes, except azlar that I want to use emblems on, so I have no single doubt or regret.

Well, I am not happy with the time troops takes to max too. Its their game, they can do whatever the hell they want. Its just good to see some progression, if everything takes too long, becomes a chore and people will stop playing.

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It reminded me an old game “Heroes and Magic 2”. Several when numerated meant 6-10. If that was the same case here, the 20 levels class ascension would take in average 3 years. Starting full scale mining of emblems from middle 2019 the goal can be achieved by a New Year day of 2022 :slight_smile:

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