Emblems on the heroes

I have to admit that even after 4 years of playing this game. I am not a big fan of emblems. I like the way the old players didn’t need emblems and you fought straight up! Emblems take a long time to do on each hero. And if you’re paying to play or cheap to play it cost more time and money to do so. If it were up to me I would remove all emblems and what you have is what you have. Do any of you empires and puzzles gamers feel the same way?

Personally I think the way the game moved forward, emblems we’re inevitable.
It made what you had stronger so that S1 heroes could continue to be competitive.
Moving forward a little bit more and along came the costumes …. Again initially to keep S1 heroes competitive.
And now we have limit breakers … it’s just the way the game is evolving and will continue to evolve.
It’s all in the long term game plan and is non negotiable with SG


I feel your pain, but essentially emblems were the original limit breakers. The argument that they were to help S1 heroes only holds so much water because emblems were always available to any maxed hero on your roster regardless of the heroes portal origin. The closest thing to balancing S1 was costumes as other seasons didn’t get them. (Yet, maybe :no_mouth:).

The current limit breakers are basically the second broken limit and this will keep happening until the game ends. The alternative will be a 6* hero or something else involving massive game mechanic and balance overhauls which wouldn’t be worth developer’s time as it relates to time spent vs profit. (aka “game economy” :laughing:)

I think they would struggle to make new heroes relevant if everyone still had the same 5* ceiling limit as you can only push the stats and specials so far. Things would be stale to older players as the new heroes aren’t “that different” beyond the collector in all of us.

At least that’s how I see it. I still use regular Quintus all the time though so what do I know? :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Good luck out there!



Not me. Emblems not only improve the heroes already maxed thru better stats and the additional class talents, it also lets players to strategize in identifying the heroes who are priority for the said emblems. Otherwise, players will be penalized by resetting the talent, wasting precious food, iron and even perhaps emblems (not to mention, gem or reset token). If you were playing for before emblems were a thing, in your case for more than 4 years, you are supposed to be able to fully emblem 3-4 legendary heroes of the same class (if you prioritize embleming them instead of the epics and rares). Not all class perhaps, but there should be one or two where you are blessed with such emblem from various sources and you opted to buy them or to transmute them from shards.


I don’t know that I like emblems. I don’t dislike them.
They are essentially the only way to customize a hero.


I like the idea that you can choose a path to take your hero, which might make them more unique; maybe they last a little longer, or hit a little harder.

But it’s true, emblems are limit breakers, version 1. And moving forward, we’ll likely to see other upgrades for heroes. It’s a good way to keep old heroes relevant and keep players chasing something.

New super heroes are also the way forward: More power, more health and more abilities. I just think it’s part of how these games work.

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I and my alliance like emblems.

Emblems and limit break are very different. Limit break/aether is similar to ascension/AM. They only improve stats and no turning back.


I guess you all have great points. I can see each of your point of views. Good call guys and possibly gals! :+1:

Idk, I like emblems. With so many OP new heroes, it’s awesome that older ones can still be deployed without trouble since they’re emblemed anyway.