Emblems on Mothernord or Vivicacostume

Hi guys. Today I need a bit of advise because I got trouble in my decision here.

Mother has 14 talents currently. I freaking love her.

But as we will switch to green tanks in a while, I cannot put her in defense, as I am a poor guy without vela, i cant risk too much red stacked in wars.

So Vivicacostume is maxed but without emblems. I read a lot positive about her, but she will never be my tank.

Soooo… is vivicacostume worth setting in a defense like:
Seshat, vivica, telluria, magni, jeanfrancoise

Or should I keep Mothernorth as it is and go for:
Seshat, magni, telluria, ursena, jeanfrancoise

Thanks for advice. My hero roster

This game isn’t all about war. War is just one tiny part of the game.

Embleming heroes u really like and u love to be used overall on the game. Not for just temporary war setup. (As it will be very costly if u reset the emblems back and forth).

MN > vivica.
MN can heal and ressurected.

U can still use telluria and MN on war defense. Can u image if opponent kill tell tank and then MN ressurected tell back?

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We do telluria wars, we have some people with MN at the wing and kingston (for example) as tank and they are doing great. Just make sure to put your blue between the green and you are all set

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