Emblems on 4* rather than 5* - candidates?

IMO, it depend on your roster,… I mean for me I have already BT+7 and stop a while, next I will plan to put to Magni+1, and also Poseidon+1, and maybe Panther+1, the rest maybe put to Poseidon (plan for defense raid).
Fighter class skill is revive, so +1 is worth even for *3 heroes, but my plan only *4 and *5, like Hu Tao I will put +1 on him.

Delilah is at least BT’s peer; she has my fighter emblems.

I’ve split my rogue and paladin emblems, mostly because I’ve gotten Falcon and Jackal to +19 and then shifted over to 5* heroes. Those are my only emblemed 4*.

I’ve split my ranger emblems, bringing Athena to,+7 then shifting to Alasie. I jse both a lot, often together, and Alasie is on my war defense, but I deel the Pierce skill is better worn by Athena—who should hit first and, idea;ly, flip a +defense nuff to -defense. If she can pierce the +defense, all the better. Alasie usually hits into a -defense buff behind Athena, so Pierce isn’t needed.

Exactly. This is one of the crucial decisions today.
For me it make particularly sence to talent 4* avarage speed heroes for whom you have mana troop 23 (or lvl 17 if you go for mana talent). Eg. Rigard, Melendor, Proteus, Will, Kiril, Boldtusk, …
Imagine you have a fast quite sturdy healer.

@Papca That’s exactly what I did with Sabina. Didn’t have a good 5* sorcerer so I gave her my emblems. She’s now at +20, has stats almost like a 5*, but charges with 9 tiles. Pretty sweet.

Kunchen’s got all my cleric emblems though. He’s a beast of a tank.


For me I will give emblems to 4* for many reasons… first maxed talents on 4* make them as 5*…it costs less on 4*…


Now that I’ve finally maxed my first 5* hero (yay) and actually am working on my first 5* defense team, I see emblems on 4*s MUCH differently…

I have stopped emblems on all 4s minus Proteus+9, Wilbur+9 and Jacka+6. I haven’t reset any of the other heroes I have emblems on (Grimm+8, BT+7, Caedmon+6, Sonya+6, Hansel+4, Cyp+1, Rigard+1) but based on my 5* roster I’m sure I will be. I’m sure that there will be more 4s I add emblems to or finish out of these, but I want to identify my 5s that I’m embleming up first.

Im considering adding Merling, and If I get Falcon he will be added to the exception of must have heroes to emblem alongside Pro Jack and Wil.

If you had to choose only ONE single 4* hero per class to give emblems to, which hero would it be for each class and why?

Might want to take a look here:

@zephyr1 merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Any other 4 stars that you would consider worthy for considering emblems?

The ones you use seem worthy to me. There’s no sense for dusty dumped heroes with talents, only because it was an advice.

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3 stars are a waste of emblems. They barely survive against other threes in 3* tournament

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Emblemmed 3* always take the top spots as their stats are just simply higher, but emblems are not necessary for top 1%. Roster depth with serve you more than emblems when it comes to 3* in the tournaments

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