Emblems on 3* heroes. Who would you choose?

Curious to see everyone’s opinion on the best 3* heroes to use emblems on. For us F2P it takes a long time to get 4* and even longer to max them out. I have been playing for 2 ½ months and have Scarlett 3/60, Kelile 3/1 and Kiril 2/33. Wizard emblems would be wasted on Kiril so I used mine on Balthazar. I have 2 emblem resets and I’m sure to have more by the time I have any 4* worth using them on.

Here is my opinion taking into account both talent/special skill synergy but also how the attack, defense, hp boosts could help make particular heroes more playable:

Monk, Resist: I have mine on Bane and don’t think I’ll regret it. It has come in useful several times.

Cleric, Manashield: I haven’t maxed my Kailani yet but she seems like the obvious choice. Between the two spirit linkers having her mana protected seems to synergize much better than Gunnars extra defense. I’ve had Kailani silenced on some of the S2 levels and it can make things more difficult.

Fighter,Revive: Valen is already considered one of the best blue 3*, with additions to attack and defense plus the Revive he is a straight up beast. I have mine on +14 right now (24% Revive), I only need 10 more emblems to get him up to +15 (30% Revive). I have had him comeback from the dead multiple times during a raid/war and win close battles for me.

Wizard,Jinx: Getting to beef up the attack of the hardest hitting 3* and work on his defense along the way. Balthazar is a shoe in

Druid,Companion: I’m going to assume that most people would opt for Brienne in this category (I don’t have her yet) As she is commonly still used on teams of 4* heroes I can see wanting to boost her up. Does anyone think Belith might be another option?

Paladin,Protect: This is a tricky one. As I stated above I personally think it would be a waste to use this on Gunnar. Tyrum already has the best defense of any 3* so this talent coupled with taking every chance to bring up his attack could make him a lot more playable.

Sorcerer,Delay: This talent screams for an attacker who hits all targets so I have to go Jahangir personally.

Ranger,Pierce: This one seems like another gimme, it’s got to be Berden right?

Rogue,Evade: Personally, as I mentioned above, I have Scarlett and am saving my emblems for her once I get that elusive 4th hidden blade. I’m kinda thinking you’ve got to go Carver on this one. He’s annoying, I usually try to take him out ASAP in raids/war. This would just add to that. Could also help with boss levels of quests.

Barbarian,Wound: Nashgar might seems like the obvious choice but I like the idea of making Azar more multi dimensional. On the flip side Nashgar does also have the higher attack stat and since Wound also works on tile damage he may be the better choice.

Just my thoughts and I welcome yours. Please keep the naysaying (emblems on a 3* is a waste of time) to a minimum. Also I purposefully left out any non S1 heroes. Feel free to bring them up in discussion but I thought this might be of help to other newbie F2P players like myself.

May the RNG be with you, always


You chose best 3* in every class except Carver(I hate him) and I prefer Belith over Brienne.

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Thanks @Radar1.

I sometimes don’t think there’s enough content on the forum for newbie F2P


If there’s a 3* to emblem, it’s absolutely Brienne. Her special is a 5* disguised as a 3*. Give her defensive emblems and a defensive troop to raise a couple of stars of titans that won’t ohko her. Later when (if) you get a mana troop unlock the last Druid perk to lower the level of the troop level required to arrive to breakpoint.


Crazy idea but would it be possible to self trigger Brienne’s additional attack boost. For example if you put Brienne next to Guin, protected her from dark and then fired Mok then would Mok’s damage to all allies pump up their attack?

Yes Mok Arr triggers her boost. No need for protection tho, Mok Arr’s backslash damage is not very high.

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Are there any other ways to trigger the boost yourself?

Love your list! Have you seen Mariamne’s Chart?

I think you arguably picked the best 3* regular hero in every category. :slight_smile:


Besides seasonal and Atlantis 3*s, I agree with your choices, although personally my roster is too far along to give emblems to 3*s unless I wanted to buf them to compete for top positions in rare challenge events. (I don’t.) I’m debating between 4* and 5* heroes instead.

My guiding principle on who to give emblems to is this: First, give them to the heroes I use and love the most.

I’ve got a couple that may break that a bit, and Scarlett is one of them.

She was my first red 4*, and I really loved her! But now that I’m raiding in diamond all the time and only once in a blue moon revenge somebody with one or two 4*s in their defense team, instead of all 5*s, she’s just too fragile; she gets one-shotted easily and seldom survives to fire in a raid.

After I finish Jackal, I may give her emblems. Her attack stat was already super high and it will be nuts…and with a bit more defense and health, I hope she will live to fire, and hit harder!

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I have it bookmarked. Thanks @Rook!

Dodge should help her survive a little longer and her tile damage sticks around even if she is dead. She was my first 4* too (on the first day). I didn’t know how lucky I had it.

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Useful 4* 3.60 versus 4*+20

Click for lots and lots of stuff

Some heroes are good, some suck, most are okay.

Legendary training gives you a 4* hero every ten days on average.

4* 3.60 are the most powerful heroes in the game with 1* / 2* ascension items.

3*+20 heroes are roughly as powerful as a 4* 3.60 hero. With they way emblem resetting works in the game, 3*+20 heroes do not seem like a good investment in many cases.

I recommend getting three rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( fifteen heroes total ) before getting a rainbow team of 4* 4.70 .

Building a deep bench

Some heroes are good, some suck, most are okay.

I have been playing since 2017-Sept and I just recently decided to level a second rainbow 4* 4.70 team. Mostly due to emblems. I prefer 4* 3.60 teams because they are so much cheaper, versatile, and useful for color stacking - Empires hidden buff.

My goal is to complete rare quests, Class quests, Challenge events, etc. with the least amount of battle items. I am usually in the Top 3 on titans due to color stacking and the original Wu Kong Cascade Squad.


Having said all that, 3*+1 heroes are a decent investment due to rare tier completion rewards for challenge events and with the upcoming Raid Tournaments / Tourneys.

So having 2x rainbow 3*+1 teams will be a decent investment if you like Tourneys.

But which 3* heroes are in flux as rumors say Tourney special rules are almost done testing but at least the buff one just underwent a rewrite. What can you say. Beta.

The Dev AMA also said the challenge events will see more tinkering in the future. The older ones like Pirates really need it.

3*+1 All stars

Some heroes are good, some suck, most are okay.

Some 3*+1 heroes will just be good regardless.

Bane due to accuracy debuff ( I use 3x Banes ).
Balthazar is helped by Jinx.
Tyrum is helped by Protect.
Belith and Brienne are helped by Companion.
Mnesseus dispels buffs.
Valen due to long duration defense debuff and fast mana speed.
Rudolph is helped by Revive.
Hawkmoon is helped by Mana shield.
Nashgar and Namahage have nice attack stats to help with Wound.

See also:

My personal opinion

Some heroes are good, some suck, most are okay.

Personally I am concentrating on 4* / 5* due to class quests ( use emblems to get more emblems) and 1*+1 / 2*+1 due to Tourneys (All current 1* / 2* heroes are from training camps leveling the F2P versus P2P playing field ).

Thus I am leaving my 3* heroes at 3* 3.50 for now.


My takes would probably have been:

  • Monk: Bane
  • Cleric: Kailani, Hawkmoon
  • Fighter: Rudolph, Valen
  • Wizard: Ulmer, Hisan
  • Druid: Brienne
  • Paladin: Tyrum
  • Sorcerer: Gill-Ra, Chochin
  • Ranger: Berden, Squire Wabbit
  • Rogue: Vlad, Dawa
  • Barbarian: Namahage, Nashgar

I’d probably cry giving any emblems to any of the 3* rogues. They’re all terrible.


I agree wholeheartedly! :smile:


Ulmer would be crazy.

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One thing to consider with Delay is that it worked with all forms of damage; tiles, special and DOT. I have mine on Jahangir and it is very useful.

I personally had many 3* emblemed up now nots so many needed it for 45 heroes ones I kept are mostly healers don’t generally place bad in battles but also don’t do well either… they’re fun and know you don’t win when up against everyone else’s lineup but …it’s fun

Hawkmoon+C20 is amazing! Bauchan is also good in Fire.

As is Brienne+C20! Also, don’t sleep on Muggy.

Chochin or Guardian Bat are very good in Dark.

Arman from The Sand Empire is my Holy 3*Tournament rep, but Bane is fast and is useful in this Knights of Avalon Tournament. Kailani is also a really good one for Holy.

Gunnar+20 or +C20 is very valuable in defense for Ice.

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