Emblems lost (disappeared)

I received (probably like everyone) the Message within the game “sorry about the inconvenience…” etc and got a bunch of emblems. Now they are all gone? Is it a bug? Thanks

If you claimed them from the message, they went to your inventory.

Are you saying you no longer see them in your item inventory under the General tab?

Ooh Got it. I thought i claimed them but never actually clicked on claim. Sorry about that. All is good now :slight_smile:

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No worries, glad that you figured it out. :smile:

The devs send gifts like that every now and then, sometimes for things going wrong, and sometimes just as a gift. There’s also a gift of a World Energy Flask every month when the Challenge Event starts.

For you and anyone else who reads this thread, it’s good to remember just to click the Claim button as soon as you see the message, so the item(s) go into your inventory. There’s really no reason not to just do that right away next time. :slight_smile:

For reference for anyone else looking at this thread, the messages look like this:

@Kerridoc @Rook I think you can mark this thread as Resolved. :slight_smile:

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