Emblems... it gets expensive

@Texas1970, P2W is still a gamble. Yes, eventually the odds are that you will get most of the most sought after heroes if you keep rolling that 5* dice.
That said, is it fair the players that don’t have the large amount of expendable cash on hand to not field a viable team?
In the grand scheme of things this just slightly evens the playing table a bit. The P2W’s will always hold the majority, if not all, of the top spots. Throwing C2P or F2P a bone here and again is not a bad thing overall. They aren’t going to suddenly become top dogs in the yard. It is giving the Players that don’t spend quite as much, and I’ll bet there’s many more of those, a chance to field a competitive team. Also those 5-50$ a month players probably, considering volume, gain SG a much larger amount of income than say a few 1000 big spenders.

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So why did they announce that it would be possible to fully ascend a 5* in a few weeks then ? That was the promise when emblems were introduced…
We are so far from it ! I’m not even sure that I will be able to bring one single 5* all the way up by the end of the year, at current rate !
This is what gets me a bit angry to be honest.
Sure, emblems will draw a line between those who grind and/or pay hard, and the rest of the players…so what ? If that was an issue, then the whole concept of emblems shouldn’t have been launched in the first place !

I also wanna point out following issue : we are facing teams of emblemed heroes in wars, but we do not have enough emblemed heroes to win ! I mean, each time the opponent respawns, he gets back a full team of talented heroes, while I’m only left with my untalented heroes to fight them…this in the long run will cause great imbalances in the AW meta !

A possible solution is to give everyone a lot of emblems so that way all heroes are noded.

I don’t ever remember them saying you could fully class a 5 star in a few weeks. You’ll have to show me where they said that.

I remember them saying that you could get a couple levels a month on a 5 star when all the sources of emblems were rolled out.

Yes. You are facing emblemed teams in war and with your 4th-6th flags you dont have emblemed heroes to win with.

Guess what, neither does your opponent. They too run out of emblemed heroes just like you do. They are in the same boat using zero emblem heroes in their later attacks against your emblemed heroes. It all balances out.

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Ok maybe I misread or was just “wishful reading”
Point is, the progression is really slow, I will probably quit the game before I fully ascend a hero…which I find disappointing…don’t you ?

They definitely never said a few weeks - I think they said that they were hoping to have a model that would allow a 5* to be ascended to max in some period of months - but that was predicated on full loot from loot tourneys which hasn’t happened yet.

Welcome to the game, must be your first day.


Personally I’m hoping to get my Melendor up to 5 emblems hopefully by July or maybe August. :grin:

I think the emblems were meant to be a way for already maxed players to have something new to work towards without releasing something ridiculous like 6* heroes, while also giving newer lower level players an opportunity to improve their less-than-stellar heroes to a point that they can compete with the 4s and 5s.

They’re trying to increase the longevity of a game that is already designed to be a slow grind. Those who don’t have the patience (or the ridiculous amounts of money it would take to advance their progress) will never reach top tier.

That is, I believe, intentional. People who reach top tier in week 1 of playing a game usually quit by week 3. This is not a game of days or weeks. It is a game of months and years.

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It definitely isn’t a fast process to reach the top. I can’t see any scenario where there will be a fully tiered 5* before next year. I can see how AW are going to be pretty tough for anybody but long term players that don’t have a stacked bench to compete against a full ten tiered + defence team.

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