Emblems... it gets expensive

Just a few short of getting Delilah to level 7, with an 18% chance of revive.
However level 8 will cost 125 emblems!!!

That is expensive.

So we will all plato for a couple of months, whilst we collect the 125 needed?

It puts a real brake on levelling 5 stars with emblems…


That is the point, otherwise people would have overpowered 5* heroes too quickly.


Overpowered against what?.. other overpowered 5 stars?

What is the point of putting hurdles and chicane’s in the way?

You got a premium hero, but you can only unlock it’s full potential at a controlled rate? There are thousands of Delilah’s in play.

Seems petty and unnecessary to me

Perhaps not petty to the players that don’t yet have Delilah and have to face the overpriced versions. :wink:


People have the choice… pay or not pay.
Is putting emblem levels on heroes a race to the top, or a race to the bottom?

I paid nothing for my, my, myyy Delilah, a single token bonus pull and 50 fighter emblems from the first, very broken, raid tournament. Now here she is, facing a 2- 3 month pause before she can be levelled any further…

I think the point is also to keep 4-star heroes (and even 3-star heroes, to an extent) viable longer and competitive for folks who don’t have as many (or any) 5-stars. As the game expands and there is more to do, you have to strike a balance between folks with deep benches of 5-stars and folks with solid benches of 4-stars. If you make it so difficult that you can’t complete without 5-stars, you’ve essentially paywalled part of the game.

I’ve been sitting on wizard emblems for Onatel, but I also don’t have any better wizard options right now. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to strip emblems from, say, Gormek to put them on a 5-star barbarian like Azlar (although I’d love to have that option! :smile:) For the same number of emblems it would take to max Azlar, I could max Gormek, Grimm, and one more four-star barbarian, I believe. Which has more long-term impact?




I never once thought about not giving Emblems to my, free from TC20 Azlar…

Perhaps your paywall point might apply to HOTM and other 5 stars that can only be summoned… but perhaps the plain old 5 stars that can be trained should not have the same expensive emblem tree’s.

It might make the plain TC 20, 5 stars more attractive if they had a cheaper emblem tree than summoned 5 stars?

That’s not fair to people P2W. Why should cheap people get an advantage cause they are cheap?

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Fair enough. I honestly just picked a random 5-star that I knew was a barbarian. My point wasn’t meant to be specific to Azlar. (Of course, I have an affinity for Azlar related to his making me think of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but I don’t have him, so I wouldn’t know about his in-game utility.)

Yes, but we have to consider any such plan in light of the forthcoming (sometime) hero skins alluded to in the recent AMA. Who knows how that will affect the usefulness of classic heroes? Might render your point moot… or not. We just don’t know yet. Still holding out hope for my recently-drawn Thorne, although I think the aesthetic of him with his enormous broadsword and pelt of an unknown critter is pretty cool, and I’m reluctant to change it.

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In raids and wars, maybe. But do you really want them to create quests and world levels that can only be completed by people with fully emblemed five-stars?


Same here. Azlar all the way, now a 4.80-5 barbarian. Raid with him all the time.

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Considering the hash they have made of raid tournaments… skins will be a long way off till introduction. I expect the introduction of character skins will coincide with my Delilah reaching emblem level 20 …

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Just wait till lvl 20 which is 250 emblems!

Go for a maximum of 3 nodes on legends and give your further emblems to epics.

I ask myself, if it’ll be more effective to spread emblems all over the roster or go for higher nodes on particular heroes, which lead to several untalented and some very powerful.

Yes, it’s not supposed to be instant gratification. The point of putting hurdles in is to keep you playing. If everyone could instantly unlock their 5 stars to +20 the game honestly would suck.

Check back on her in 2 months then. :slight_smile:


You see the same type of “more expensive” nodes in the lower tiered heroes as well. Some nodes on epics cost 30 or even 40 emblems vs the normal 15 emblem nodes. It is not as stark because of the power, and subsequent cost, of levelling 5* talents.

Imo, the general idea is to manage the balance between those heroes tiers, at the end of it all 5* would still relatively end up being more powerful, but right now it shouldn’t happen so fast to offset the balance.

I might have retired from the game by then :rofl:

And so the long wait begins…
Just scrapped the emblems together to get delilah to level 7, with a 18% chance to revive…
But level 8 requires 125 emblems.
At least 2 months of waiting then

6 fights
30 heroes
10 heroes are with emblems + 20 are without them
Enjoy this advantage against at least 4 attacks on you.

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