Emblems in the store monitoring thread 8/19 Paladin & Monk

Thought I would start an ongoing thread that could be updated when there are Emblems available for purchase in the store so that anyone who follows can get notified.

I don’t check very often because it’s about the only thing I would ever purchase. I also noticed that the little notification icon below the Summon Gate is no longer showing up like it used to. Don’t want to miss out!

While most offers vary from account to account on some kind of rotating schedule, emblems seem to be available to all.

Edit: Tracking will also give us an idea how often they show up.

7/8/19 - Wizard & Fighter
7/22/19 - Cleric & Druid
8/5/19 - Ranger & Paladin
8/19/19 - Paladin & Monk
9/2/19 - Sorcerer & Wizard


Hey, I like this idea. Also, Thank You

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7/22 - Cleric & Druid emblems now available


8/5 - Ranger & Paladin emblems now available

It may be too early to tell, but so far we are at a pattern of 2 weeks. Every other Monday has been an offer.


Thanks for creating - so these are considered good deals? Do you see these offers as “Insta-buys?”

If you are a fairly competitive player, then I would say yes. If you are C2P or F2P then probably not. It’s ~$1.75 at your normal 200gems/$1 rates.


8/19 - Paladin & Monk

The pairings so far do match up with Trial class pairs, but not in the same order.


9/2/19 - Sorcerer & Wizard


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