Emblems in the shop?

When emblems were first released, I saw a couple of screenshots of people getting offers to buy them with gems in the shop. I have yet to see such an offer. What’s the deal?

I saw those screenshots too, but have not seen them for sale in shop or in any of the flash sales that pop up every so often.

Those screenshots were most likely from beta, not production.

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The guy who posted them said they weren’t beta. Of course no way to know for sure…

They were tested as for sale in beta, but I’m not sure if they ever rolled out into the game that way. If they did, the devs were smart to listen to players’ feedback and pull such offers.

If emblems are made massively available to the big spenders, they seriously risk breaking the game.

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Agreed. I hope nobody is getting such offers. But if anybody is, then I hope I do too! heh heh

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I agree! And as a player who has seriously scaled back on spending, I don’t need the temptation!! :money_mouth_face:

except when pushed he wouldn’t provide any more info, and also I believe it was proven that the time left on the offer meant it would have been generated before the release was rolled out.


Yes i addressed that somewhere else as well. Probly should have deleted the posts but after petri didnt personally pm me about it, it made it questionable.

February wonderland event = false info
Emblem offers in the shop = believed to be false by players but no response from devs :man_shrugging: might as well let the posts run their narural course.

But KA is 100% right. Player that shared that screenshot refused to provide any further proof and no one else i know(roughly 500 people thru line) has claimed to see a similar offer.


Here you go. I’m taking my turn on Zephyr1 duty :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t seen them either…and hope not to.


Lmao nice pic bro!!!


Haha, thanks! I think you suggested we all do this like a month ago. I finally just got such an extreme need to procrastinate from working that I got it done. =-]

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I don’t recall that but not complaining about it either lol maybe you’ll catch some of my flags

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I’m sure the paid emblem offers are coming but SG wants to wait until the free methods of getting them are rolled out. We still have raid challenges to come… After people have a modest stash then I’ll bet $100 that the offers will come.

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I hear only the beta testers, elite players and the mods get the store offers. Pass it on!


You realize Rigs is going to be really upset now if Petri doesn’t lock the thread, right?


The screen shot shared was the exact offer being tested in beta. No such offer has hit my alliance, or anywhere else it seems, so that screen shot was certainly from beta and I don’t think we really have to even debate it anymore. You have many beta testers (myself included) chiming in and saying this. It was likely a mistake or intended to be inflammatory (because that never happens online, lol) from the person saying it was live and in store.

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Yeah, agreed. I did search the forum as well as I could before creating this topic though, and didn’t find much on the subject, so hopefully this informs others well enough now that it won’t have to come up again.

“or intended to be inflammatory (because that never happens online, lol)”

I’ll never understand people…

For the record - not directed at you, directed at the person who SWORE it was live, lol.

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