Emblems... improve good heroes or compensate for ie bad defense?

After nearly an half year what are your choices. Improving guin or compensate glass hero… :grin:

I’m mostly using emblems to make good heroes better. Just my sorcerer… Cheshire cat… has 13 emblems and can easily loose them if I get a good sorcerer…

Just bad thing that special isn’t involved. Maybe we can do that on academy. @beta something going on already?

My Jackal is getting high attack stats… but special still old special. I would say same doesn’t go for minions. Someone upping delilah or other?

What would be your choice. Working on bad stats or just make good better? Could broaden your choices for alliance war. :wink:

I am mostly trying to use talents to make my favourite utility 4*s beefier.

I went for the defensive route on the Talented Mr jackal, BT, Kiril, Wu and Sabina. The first 3 are sort of obvious emblem candidates in my opinion, but Sabina was a nothing better to work with candidate and with talents she’s really shining for me again and getting value after sitting in Rigard’s shadow for a long time.

My other emblem choices have been less exciting :slight_smile:

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