Emblems how to get them

None stop playing since and before the Emblems started… play every event that gets them plus buy them every time they are available, Question how are players now 2 levels higher then I. 200 more Emblems per hero family… is there something I am missing??.

(How to get already 105+ barbarian talent emblems?)

My first fully levelled hero was 4*, when i then realised what a 5* needed i nearly cried, they build up so slow for me

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Quests, events and store are the same for every player, the real difference someone can have lays in elemental chests. People spend lots of gems skipping time between chests and get one of those every 7-10 days, otherwise 15-20 days or more.


Players in alliances that kill 11-12 star titans, and players who both finish in the top 1percent of raid tourneys AND get good RNG can have level 10 5*s right now.

Also, its possible to get RNG that leads to one kind of emblem appearing a LOT faster than others - I may have been one of the very first players to have a 4* fully ascended as I got waaaaaay more barbarian emblems than others (I had 510 barbarian emblems before I had 350 of any other type), and that gave me a Grimm+20 very fast.


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