Emblems for Triton: which way to go

update: sorry i haven’t paid attention to the related posts below regarding chao and so on…
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as far as i understood 2% mana will not help in any way if i don’t have mana troops… and since my Evelyn is far away from being maxed i think i should choose defense and attack route…

or are there other opinions?


i’m giving my emblems triton and use him sucessfully with Frida and Grimm (and Boldtusk and or Rigard) in raids and wars.

Now i’m not sure which way to go?

mana and health? or defens and attack?

i don’t have blue mana 4 star troop… will that 2% mana make sense or better choose defense and attack in this case?

what would you do and why?

ss attached, so you can see my decisions so far (strenghening his attack was my choice so far)

thanks in advance,


I’m +8 on Triton and I have gone all defense. Where you are I went left.

Best to go Def > Atk > HP for Triton, and most offensive heroes in general. Triton I would say go left

Im at +7 on triton and defense is clearly the main focus. After that since his attack is strong, I’m spitting the difference between attack and health. My troops add a lot of atk already so with the defense he can stay alive. I run him with Kiril( the healing buff works together) and I’ve been using Gaderius which gives a 10% defense boost for Atlantis family plus they all work with Kiril as well. Only thing to watch is Kiril atk overwrites gad so it can go down from 42% attack to 30% if you use Kiril after Gaderius. Minor issue but a max emblem triton is right there with the s1 5s.

Hey all, just double checking- did everyone go the same way for Triton as OP?

I’m still only on +1 but looking to use more emblems on Triton and wanted to double check. I see on other threads too most agreeing defense first, but nothing unanimous between attack and HP. For Levels 2-4 (which I have just enough emblems for), it increases defense whether you go left or right, so the difference is just attack vs HP.

People also say you should pick depending on whether you’re using him for your defense or attack team but Triton is on both for me (I’m only 4 months into the game so he’s a pretty key hero for my roster).

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:.

Def and health all the way, since he already has good att and should become less squishy.

That’ll make an allrounder out of him and no att pumped glass cannon.

Dead heroes don’t shoot. :wink:

The mana plus won’t be much recognizable until you have a lvl23 mana troop, so better left now.

Unless they are fighters…or MN/Alby are around.

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Lol seeing as I don’t have an Alby or MN (daydreaming…) I think I agree and will go HP > attack too, right first for HP > attack and then left for defense > attack. Noticing too that he’s got plenty of boom but maybe a little quicker than average to his demise… thanks all!

Feel free still to leave your opinions whether you agree/disagree (I might still procrastinate out of paranoia).

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