Emblems for my best Druid?

Kadilen, Ranvir, Vela, Zimkitha, Freya or Boss Wolf??? Just wanted some input, strategies or opinions on where to put my emblems for a Druid.

Who do you use most?

Who do you want on your defense?

The answer to those 2 questions is my reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really don’t use any of them unless in war, I just have emblems for a Druid that I haven’t used and with the adjustment to Vela is she worth working on…I’m more debating on which one to work on…current team is tank/telluria flanks/Kunchen and Hell, Wings/Joon and Misandra all at 14 and above on talent grid. Just looking at my next project to work on. Hopefully this helps DBC.?

Take a look at the defenses on the top 100 at any given time. You’ll find at least 2/3 have Vela.

Yes, she’s certainly worth working on.

What about your 4* Mel and Cad are certainly with emblems imo

Of course the standard answer is Vela, especially since you have a Telluria tank. Is there a reason you’re not already doing that?

Running through the rest of your options:

  • Boss Wolf probably doesn’t make much sense as you’d probably tank Kunchen if you needed to go purple. Giving BW talents JUST for Bloody Battle, holy disallowed tournaments doesn’t make sense.
  • FWIW, I’ve found Kadilen to be a great flank for Kunchen. She’s better than many realize / expect.
  • Ranvir doesnt’ make much sense, as you have better options and they can survive titans without emblems, I’m guessing.
  • My experience is that Zimkitha can sometimes be a challenging flank for Telluria. Not in GM / BK class, but she’s solid.
  • I’ve seen some people using Freya in conjunction with Telluria. I get what they’re trying to do, conceptually. Still too early to say how well it’s working. But it seems you’re well stocked in terms of potent purple defenders already.

Vela. There’s a reason Telly is the most popular tank and Vela is the most popular flank, they’re both very strong heroes even after their nerf.