Emblems Emblems everywhere... Or not for one class

So, as a new(er) player comapred to some of the seasoned veterans here, I have a genuine question about the prevalence and/or balance in emblem distribution!

For context, I’ve gotten my first 4* star all emblemed up and ready to rock and/or roll against some reasonable chonky 5* teams and athey truly do see me through many an event quest too!

But now… it’s time to get working through the 5*'s, and that really is a whole 'nother kettle of fish! So, here’s the team i’m working on:
I’m just getting the regulars to 3^70, and I have the materials to ascend all 3 to 4^80 accordingly. Though, this may be subject to change depending on the outcome of tomorrow’s Challenge Festival:

Now, lets turn to emblems I’m hoarding! (figures in () are total on other heroes)

  • Barbarian = 1,183 (1,183)
  • Cleric = 29 (1,229)
  • Druid = 720 (1,225)
  • Fighter = 835 (1,340)
  • Monk = 702 (1,207)
  • Paladin = 784 (Yes, that is all of them!)
  • Ranger = 1,100
  • Rogue = 999
  • Sorcerer = 15 (1,430)
  • Wizard = 1,302
    NB: I’ve only ever bought the lowest tier offers on emblems form the golden emblem offer(where you get 35 of all)

I was genuinely surprised by how balanced these emblem distributions are - apart from Paladin for whatever reason! Ironically, my only 5* up until W3K was Lughaidh, and since then is now Guan Yu & Kara too. BUT It’s also my most populated 4* and 3* class too? Make it make sense!!


  1. Do you find that YOUR emblem distribution is relatively even?

  2. How long has it taken you to amass all these emblems?

  3. Is the best source of emblems really just high tournament palcements and such? :thinking:

Look forward to hearing from you soon :wolf:

Over time it is fairly even but what I find more is you’ll get uneven needs. So you’ll get 3 monks whilst sat waiting on a good sorcerer for example.

But I’m 3+ years in and not really seen a massive case of one having more than another

That said I’ve never counted them either :laughing:

I agree, I think it’s also the emblem needs that cause imbalance. I really lack Rogue and Monk emblems because I have too many good heroes in those classes…

Emblem quests balance out the emblems gained at least

I have no idea about, say, challenge event rewards or random drops from chests or VIP or whatever though.

I’m sure RNG causes some imbalance, of course

Over time I think the availability of emblems since their introduction has been fairly even.
For me now it’s all about choices and who you level up…
You will get to the point where your decision on who to level up at 3*, 4* and 5* is also based on the availability of emblems.
The issue is getting more difficult because of the volume of new “super” heroes being released and the competition for those emblems….
Same goes for aethers….
Just my two pennies worth

The Alchemy Labs gives two kinds of emblems. You can chose between them. That will balanced things out.

I feel that the emblems distribution is more or less even. And again From what I’ve experienced it’s also based on the heroes in our roster that we decide to use the emblems on. For example I have a surplus of sorcerer emblems but no heroes and for most of the others it’s the other way around.

It has ebbed and flowed for me. Too few fighter emblems and excess sorcerer for so long, and now it is the other way around.

It becomes hard to decide whether to leave them on your dependable 4s, or strip them for your new shiny 5. For example I need cleric emblems for nadezhda, but don’t really want to strip them from another 5 or from rigard, wooly, Hansel or mist.

Climbing ninja or magic towers sucks, but it is a great source of emblems.

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