Emblems: Elizabeth or Jabberwock (with C)

  • Elizabeth
  • Jabberwock (with C)
  • Split between Elizabeth and Jabberwock

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Hello everyone,

I am torn between Elizabeth and Jabberwock, as they are both monks.

For Red 5*, besides Elizabeth, I only have Azlar (completely untouched/unleveled)

For Black 5*, I have LB+ and E20 Kageburado, 3 x Satarna with C (one is currently 3/70)

Should I give the emblems to Elizabeth, to Jabberwock or should I split the emblems evenly?

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I find both to be very good heroes with equal value. I put split unless one will be on your defense for a long time.



I suggest Elizabeth, simply because you describe your Red is so weak.


I’d do Elizabeth too. If you spread emblems and ascension mats all over the place you’ll just remain weak.

Max a few heroes and you’ll do much better.

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