Emblems Elena or Boldtusk


My current defensive team is:
White Rabbit (+7), Sabina (+18), Richard (+8), Elena, Kadilen (+7). I also use it for raids defensive and also as a defence in AW. I don’t have any other red 5* and the only 5* fighter I have except Elena is Missandra but she stays at 3-70. My Boldtusk is +18 and I use him pretty often.

My question is:
Should I take all the emblems from Boldtusk and give it to Elena? I would go for Def/Attack path. It would allow me make her +7 and the rest for BT (+4).

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I think there is no need to rush Elena. Keeping boldtusk at +18 is good enough for now.
Elena requires a lot of support to work effectively, especially in defence. She is very strong in offence though.

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I had a similar dilemma and ended up moving all emblems from Elena to BT.
BT sees a lot more action, while Elena’s main strength is the riposte if you ask me. She has low defence so the higher damage she gets the bigger the riposte is. I also use her on titans due to her very high attack. BUT - she is fragile and slow, making her an easy target on a defence team.
However, BT also has a costume you can get, which makes him super strong and versatile. On +18 emblems, he does a great job on my defense team, better than the red 5 stars I have.
I vote BT.



I’d keep them on BT too… You’re more likely to pull his costume than hers, too.

It’s tough to choose your best firing order for that defence, though.
You don’t really want healers on wings and you don’t want slows on wings… But then you have Kadilen who is far better at flank where you get more use out of her special skill defence buff.

Still, they’re all useful hero’s and it’s better to build a roster for attacking raids/titans/events so your defence shouldn’t be the priority for ascensions until you’re deeper in 5* depth.

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Ok, I will keep the emblems on BT. One more question if you don’t mind. As I mentioned I have a White Rabbit +7 and he will stay there for a while as I also have a Rigard with costume. When do you think costumed Rigard should change Sabina in defence? She is +18 but I find Rigard much better for defence unfortunately it’s gonna take a moment to make him tanky enough. Let’s say +8 will be enough?

Also worth thinking about whether you could end up wanting to reset again in future if you do move them…

If you’re F2P, you can still get a better fighter from your TC20 (Magni) and if you like buying the odd tenpull there’s many better 5* fighters than Elena.

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I stopped my White Rabbit at +7 for a while too. Other useful clerics prevent me wanting to save that 125 emblems for now.

Rigard and Sabina both have their utility (dispel Vs cleanse) but Rigard is more inclined to tanky stats…
To be honest it’ll depend on what other hero’s are in the pipeline, especially 5* as it seems you’re entering the phase where you’re able to start building your 5* roster as well as expanding your 4*?

The only 5* cleric I have is Vivica and she is ok at 4-80 without emblems. My purple is really bad so I want that +48% attack buff for Rigard. But I am wondering if +8-10 costumed Rigard is strong enough to replace +18 Sabina in defence.

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This probably wont be helpful but just a regular Rigard at +7 is approximately as unpleasant to deal with as a +8 Sabina (in attack power only). (Sabina always dies first, if on the same lineup.). The Rigard costume turns him into a really excellent hero (I have one, but not on this account). I’m sure you know the whole 5, 5, 10, 5 max’ costume bonus formula?

I will add the pro-elena argument because there are pros and cons either way. it isnt actually a cut and dry bt is better than elena, enough said, kind of choice. I think you could go either way though.

  1. the undying tank: if you do emblem up Elena and make her your tank- I’ve definitely been in raids where she just keeps coming back to life. sometimes it gets buggy and she returns 7 times or whatever. her coming back to life with the aoe damage and riposte is a lot more obnoxious to deal with than most people appreciate simply because she is rarely used and people have forgotten what it’s like dealing with her

  2. higher tile damage for green titans- sounds like you could use better tile damage on green titans

  3. she pairs well with Wilbur in events - leveling up her attack nodes can help her aoe damage go from meh to not bad. when paired with wilbur it goes from not bad to pretty sweet. (you’ll get a Wilbur eventually if you dont already have one)

  4. bt is not squishy and does just fine with or without emblems- his attack buff and healing dont change at all (well maybe his healing of himself goes up if you increase his hp)

  5. it’s certainly possible for your situation you would get more value from a very strong elena over the next year until you get other 5* reds that you like- than from a supercharged BT - especially because the delta between emblemed elena and normal elena is huge and the delta between emblemed bt and normal bt is not so big

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for your defense- costumed rigard or sabine, it’s not going to make a material impact on your w/l results. it seems like it should when you switch from dispell to cleanse but it wont. until you have a game changing healer for your defense (mother north, guin) your healers are more like big sponges that neither harm your opponents nor sufficiently help your team. I would absolutely stick with sabine for dispell however so that at the very least she is stripping the other team of buffs.

you might consider experimenting with simply getting more speed onto your defense team. do you have more fast or very fast heroes you could be using? you dont actually need a healer on your team- usually it is nice to have one but it is also the case for many rosters where it’s better not too.

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Where does bt stand in you using a healer in war aswell?

I use BT in red stack for green titans and events, same for AW. After two comments of @CoreyOfTheIsland I am close to taking the emblems from BT and giving them to Elena. I agree with the fact that he is tanky enough to survive 10* titan hits with 6-7 emblems. The problem is I do not know what path should I choose for her. Giving her more def will make her a little bit more tanky but it also reduces her counter attack. I am one of those guys who prefer to improve strong points of hero instead of making their weakness less weak. So maybe going for attack/hp is the way… Also giving her +7 comes with a nice 18% of revival chance and it’s a lot for a 5*. Someone said she needs a good support to shine but isn’t Kadilen standing next to her a really nice thing?

I don’t know… If I only had a better red, there would be no questions :stuck_out_tongue:

pure attack plus hp for elena, she needs as little defense as possible. remember she will come back to life, it is okay if she can die :wink:

again there are trade offs either way but elena will definitely juice your titan tile damage a lot


I take a few 4* to +7 as that kinda suits me a few I taken higher jackal falcon ammennoa and my bt is +7 does me fine when I use him.
Def attack on Elena as you said want the most of riposte and even if she dead on titan the tile damage still counts

“Def attack on Elena as you said want the most of riposte”

you mean hp/attack?

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the one thing worth bringing up is that Richard and Kadilen are not great complements to Elena because they both reduce the damage she takes. Ideally, you want a def debuffer like Isarnia or just more attackers like Lianna. But that said, Elena’s true value is not her counter attack, it’s her coming back from the dead and spamming aoe damage.

Elena sends regards and I dont know why but I feel much more comfortable when all of my def team is equipped with emblems. Now I will work on bringing BT back to life asap and I know its much easier and faster than doing it with a 5*.

is that Polish?

Also, looking good.

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