Emblems Don't need

I’m going to say this is a troll. No one can be that clueless about the power of emblems.

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I hope this is a new trend that gains traction.
“Everyone those emblems are useless throw them away, get that jewelry off your defense teams”

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Yes! Perfect solution!

Doesn’t work, you can’t feed away an emblemed hero :confused:

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Here’s why I think emblems are not useless.

Jackal without emblems , with emblems and a vanilla 5* rogue. Sure seems to me that jackal benefited from emblems.


Yeah I agree.
people can voice a opinion the subject has no balance it’s to get people pissed off!
I don’t need this aswell as others on the fourm

Aww 20 characters and a complete sentence.

He could always delete the game. That’d get rid of 'em for sure. Costumes too, and any of those dangerous HOTM lurking in the roster. Maybe start a new account (don’t want to sound too unwelcoming).

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Any opponent I met if I have a average bord not good average the emblem don’t make any difference. My team was 3900 TP and the othem fella has 4500 and there was no problems to won the battle

I try to feed a heros with emblems but the game don’t let you feed a hero with emblems

That’s don’t make any difference in combat,trust me because I have tried and again in war I met a 4* team with full of emblems so 20 each of them and my 4* team was able to put them down with no stress

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This has been proven demonstrably false in thread. Also, a way has been given for you to destroy emblems if you do wish.

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