Emblems Don't need

I would like to know how can I put all the emblems on the bean because makes no difference for me. I like to know. I have too many and I saw no difference in combat. They die the same with emblems or without emblems. So those things only consum your food and iron.

I see a huge difference. Use them wisely. G Jackal is squishy at 4/80 but given 20 emblems he is a star.


Then don‘t emblem your heroes. Nobody will force you.

Yes I know that,but I want to throw them, I don’t like to see them there over 1000 each of them

Then do not go in your inventory to look at them…you only see them when you actively click on the emblem button to watch them :raised_hands:t2:

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What’s yah rosta show some pics on who yah put emblems on then people can give you some guidance :slight_smile:

I don’t need them, I just want to get read of them, I don’t need ant of them and I’m not really big fun with the costumes as well

Lock this @zephyr1 @Rook @DaveCozy @littleKAF

Isn’t going to go anywhere

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Cant get rid of them. Just watch them keep accumulating.

Unfortunately you’ll get far behind everyone else by not applying them to any of your heroes. That is a fact.


There’s currently no way to delete or get rid of unwanted items in the game, including Emblems.

The closest option to that is with Alchemy Lab, but it doesn’t use Emblems at all.

As others have said, you just have to ignore them in your Inventory if you don’t want to use them.

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Well you can get rid of em. Just emblem a hero and take emblems back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…:joy:

Well this is it then. Ill let them grow untill they find a way to get read of them

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I wish I had those many emblems! I know they take a lot of food and iron to feed the heroes but imho, they make a difference in the raids that I attempt.


That’s not a options because my resource is going down as well

Well I had some emblems unused for a while, waiting to learn more about them and deciding best heroes for candidates… I really see a diference in emblemed heroes, mainly the specific skill u can get in every class, Evade in Rogue, Revive in Figther, Buff Bypass in Ranger, just to mention some examples… there is no direct way u can get those skills other than emblems…

It is your decision if you want to ignore them, but think there is also a reason why must high level players are embleming their *5 and u can see teams which TP around 4400 - 4500 just because emblems…

Emblems can also convert useful *4 in more competitive and stronger heroes…

That’s not at all, I beat a team all 5* with 9 emblems all of them with my 5* team with no emblems and I can tell you they die almost same,so for me those emblems are just numbers and less food and iron.

Would you mind sharing your team of 5* heroes? I’m new (only have been playing for about five months) and I’m interested in what good teams look like.

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Isn’t OP the same player who fed Kunchen to Rigard?


Wait until you meet strong opponents in war. Then we can talk again

Got a solution for nemesis!

Tell him to fill his best 5 star hero with emblems and then give him to a 3 star as food… that will delete the emblems

From a line buddy.

Boom, emblems gone! Get to work!