Emblems causing game hugely imbalanced

wait on what? lmao, this is just a game and you have to wait a couple years before deciding how to use emblems based on other’s experience?

Strongly against no costs for resetting emblems and/or infinite switching talented heroes.

Having to choose an hero rather then another is what prevent always the same people to monopolize events and such.

You invest 6 scopes on a blue hero and can’t have back whenever you feels like.
At the same time i don’t see why changing your mind on talent emblems have to be free.


Thought experiment here.

In 2 years of E&P, you can have fully maxed 5* defenses and offenses in raids, events, wars, everything.

How long do you think that will take with emblems?

2 cents: Emblems are to limiting in a game that already has a lot of limiters in place and they’ll need to change in some fashion if they want people to continue to be excited for and pull new heroes. To pull a hero you’ve wanted for so long (Hel) but then be faced with the idea of having to remove emblems from zeline or guin or whomever… isn’t any fun. New HOTM, oh… it’s a wizard, who cares, it would be 5th on my list… that’s the kind of limitations that create boredom and people moving on. The classes are just going to continue to get deeper and deeper and it’s going to create an analysis paralysis for a lot of players, it already has for me and that’s a bit frustrating. I like the idea of having variety and getting a new hero and being excited about them, emblems remove a lot of that. /rant

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without the tourney, judging by my drop rate, it will take me 537 days to max 1 class

But it would be an improvement!

Right now I am bored because I have hit the part of the game where on my budget summons do not give me new heroes.

By letting me move emblems around I could be having fun!

Having played in games with free resets, the majority of people do not move emblems ( or their equivalent ) that often.

Several of these games started with no resets, then charged gems, then switched to unlimited free resets when they realized how it throttled growth, creativity, bug hunting, balance, data mining, balance data, emblem data and future roadmaps. While promoting hidden strategies ( especially with alliance chat ), hoarding, avoiding risk, and general making the game more like Paperwork and Pencils than Empires and Puzzles.

The key in these situations is the ability to undo a bad decision. This is why Raid reroll is so popular. To take a risk. That is why Color stacking is so popular. To play with your old favorites giving them new life. That is why I hope the Tourneys go 5*, 4*, 3*, 2*, 1*, repeat.

The one argument I have heard repeatedly is “All attacking alliance war teams will reset”. So what, people already complain about Field Aid because the anti healer are considered sub par heroes to level. As long as BOTH sides of the war can do it, it benefits neither. Since nodes give a flat 5 points to power, it would not even upset the war matchmaking. Only alliances that wait for the second half to coordinate a Blitzkrieg will be negatively impacted.

More resets give the Devs MORE data for game design rather than the skimpy data because everyone is afraid of wasted emblems.

But I am willing to compromise ( even though I do not WANT to compromise).

Click for compromise

Make Reset Emblems more Common – Rare Quest or Challenge Event Rewards, Forge Crafting, Shop, Special Offers, Titan Chests

“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems


I don’t have to do anything. This is just a game, and I choose to wait before making decisions that significantly affect my gameplay. There’s plenty of bad examples to avoid if you wait even a couple of months, and the first few nodes don’t make much of a difference anyway

But that’s already not the case. There’s plenty of both bad and good examples of emblem use. Plus, I think I can read the cards and try to figure it out…

I doubt the tournament will reduced it to 365 days…

If you get 30 emblems each week (1 class) that would be equal to 3 emblems each class a week… Based on my raw calculation it will only reduce it from 537 to 465 days.

ok, then you can tell me Kage vs GM? How about Zeline vs Guin vs Hel vs Sartana? Inari vs Khiona? Mother North vs Ariel vs Kunchen? Misandra vs Panther vs Delilah?

The good examples are the no brainer examples. Thats not where experimentation is needed


im generalizing to a year. It will be a bit more for sure.

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I’m having the same problem here, they stack too many best heros all in one class, this literally make emblems irrelevant with this drop rate. Ok I emblem guin because she’s my war tank, what about sartana and hel? These are some of the best heros but I can’t explore their potential with emblems? Cleric class, all the best healers are here, I can only pick one to emblem? this is boring not fun.

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These are all dependent on your specific roster.

Kage over GM, even though I have both
No Guin or Hel, so Zeline is the default
Neither Inari or Khiona are good enough for me, so I’m waiting on those
Don’t have Mother North or Ariel, so Kunchen
Since I don’t have Guin, Delilah is my war tank and gets the emblems.

No reset tokens were used in the writing of this message

Ok so you don’t have certain heros doesn’t make other people’s problem not a problem. We are talking about a problem here, if you don’t have such problem, doesn’t mean it’s ok for everybody.

Why Kage over GM? Genuinely curios

Hel/Guin/Zel is a legit question for many many players here. Dont ignore them.

I personally think Khiona is good enough.

North/Ariel/Kunchen, again dont ignore a player base.

Delilah war tank, again ignoring a player base.

Need to look at a bigger picture here.

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If there wouldn’t be any cost for emblems’ resets than we could just ask to being able to unlock nodes for the each of the 3 class’ rarity levels and make them work for every hero of said class.

  1. drops 14 emblems into a 3* Barbarian
  2. you unlocked the first node for every 3* Barbarian
  3. drops 1500 emblems on a 5* Barbarian
  4. you could reach 5*+20 with all of your Barbarian

“universal classwide ascension materials”

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hmmm, i think i follow you. Basically you are saying we should only need to emblem a class rather then a hero correct?

Im not sure if i would like something like that. That might be a little too open.


I’m saying exactly this. The only difference from a free reset cost would be that we could be able to field more emblemed heroes of the same class and cutting off the meat/iron cost.

I have more issues against Kage than GM, and I think the quasi-dispel is more universally useful than the DoT of GM

It’s not my responsibility to figure out the optimal emblem usage for other players’ heroes, especially heroes that I don’t have. Ultimately, emblem usage is dependent on each individual roster, so there’s no point in me analyzing infinite permutations

i personally like the idea of needing to grind more if you want to run more then 1 hero of a class at the same time (e.g a war, or 2 on a defense).

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