Emblems causing game hugely imbalanced

I do like the idea of emblems. Maxed heros keep growing at different directions. However, the huge gap between 1500 and 500 emblems to max 5 and 4 stars are obviously causing imbalance issues.

At current embelem drop rate, you can hardly find a 5 star pass level 4 while many 4 stars are close to maxed with 5 star stats. Everything about this game is designed around 5 stars, difficulty to get them, doing everything in the game in hope to get mats to level them. Now 4 stars can achieve anything your 5 stars can with emblems, maybe even better. The constant shed of edges of 5 star will make them irrelevant as well as the mats to level them. People will get bored with the game very soon as max and emblem 4 stars take very little effort, then they can do pretty much anything. Why waste your money doing summon?Why even bother hit titans anymore? You don’t even need that d blade or darts anymore.

From defense point of view, it doesn’t matter what defense you have, you can’t stay in top 100 for more than 20 minutes offline. Emblems definitely have the potential to make a big impact on defense, but the ridiculous amount needed to max a 5 star is making this years away. While many 4 stars will be maxed and people will realize, who needs 5 stars anymore? This game got nothing left to do.


Also on lower level , I have only 9 4* hero’s, there are often moments you feel you’re stuck with nothing useful to do except waiting and hoping for a lucky pull or a missing artifact in the loot. These are the moments a lot of players quit. It doesn’t seem to bother SG. But I think with a little adjustment in the rewarding system more towards the efforts you put in the game and less in the gambling part of rewarding a lot of players would be more satisfied (and willing to spend some money)


This “solution” can break the game really fast. At least when you have something you want, you keep playing in hope to get them. When you can easily get everything you want with emblemed 4 stars, nothing left to do, time to find another game to work on.


Absolutely, everything is gamble. From getting the heros to loots.


Twenty tears.

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Well keep complaining, Just found a compass in a simple raid loot.


Emblems do same effects on 4 and 5 stars, when a 5 star evades, a 4 star can evade too. Can anybody make sense of this huge amount difference needed between 4 and 5 stars?

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While I do like emblems overall, I fo agree that 1500 emblems is ludicrous. While 5s should require many more, too much imbalance. However, boosting up my old 3s to talent level 20 and seeing them compete against 4s was quite fun. Maybe double each level. Ex: 50 for level 1 to max, 100 for lev 2, 200-3, 400-4, 800-5. Just my thoughts.

Totally agree. The fun part of emblems is you do whatever you want, 3 star 4 star 5 star whatever it’s fun for you. But with the insane amount needed for 5 star, I don’t think anyone can have fun with it yet or for a very long time to come

Got an elemental chest this week with an orb, and darts from a titan. Now if I could just draw some yellow better than Bane.

Exactly BossWolf, and at the current drop rate, many of us won’t live the 200 years or so to max out a team of 5*s. Lol

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Can this game even live 200 years or so to collect these emblems? lol


Congrats bud! You’ll get better heros soon.

Thanks, have a great one!

That’s not really so much different from getting 4 shields for an epic hero or 8 shields and 6 tonics for a legendary.

The difference in time to acquire them is quite similar of the emblem difference.


You can collect 20 or 30 shields for the same time period to collect 6 tonics, this is not much difference?

this statement cannot be further from the truth. but then again, it is boss whine - not surprising really. if the game cause you so much distress, why keep playing?


You also forgot d blade and tome. Also, 1500 is 3 times of 500. Can you elaborate your claim of “not much difference”?

You are doing everything you do on daily basis in hope to get 3 and 4 stars mats, what are these mats for? Just pointing out imbalance issues.

Your whole point as stated in post n. 1 is that epic heroes can be talented much faster then legendary, making epics more powerful and more useful much sooner.

That’s exactly the same thing happen with ascension materials.

Epic heroes can be ascended much faster, and an epic at 4-70 is stronger (and many times have a more useful skill) compared to a legendary at 3-70.
Exactly the same story.

So my question is: why is it ok when we talking about AM and not ok for what concern emblems?