Emblems Brynhild

Hi guys…

Which path would you take for rouge?

Especially I am asking would you give her 2 percent mana node?


What do you want her to do?

I use her as a tank and so went def/hp all the way to +19

Lots of positive discussion here

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At +20 with the def, life path. No need for attack, mana node is a toss up .

I use her every day

I love her at tournies but if i m honest she is not helping me AT ALL in normal raids. Mist is just fantastic but witu bry i feel like she is my weakest link when attacking. I am considering puting costume mel with embelms instead


You use her but she worth nothing?..

I trusted her to be teluria antidote…

She is very good in 4* tornaments…even 5* that doesn t allow red. I get an A everytime i use her.

My problem is attacking, i use mono and i feel she is too defensive. Will replace her with almur to see better results

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I put mana speed up for her on node 8.
She has joined the war attack team on green mono to fight with Telly too.

She is super awesome.

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