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So, now that everyone has had the chance to digest emblems in all their glory and we’re all now being forced to level heroes we wouldn’t previously have touched with a barge pole just to allow us to complete the trials, the obvious question remains.

If you had every single hero in the game at your disposal which one would get your emblems for each class?

Here’s mine, I haven’t necessarily picked the BEST in each class as in some cases(Mother North/Alby) there’s a better choice in another class.

Barbarian - Doubt there’ll be much contest here with Gravemaker taking the crown for me but Kageburado would also be a solid second choice.

Cleric - This one’s a bit more difficult with Viv, Mother North and Kunchen all in there. My first choice would be MN. However, looking at the Druid class Alby is the number 1 draw there and only Zim really competes with him for Druid emblems. So, i’d probably go with Kunchen.

Druid - As mentioned above, Alby or Zim but for me Alby gets the shiny little medals.

Monk - Going from the Druid category with only 2 real choices to this one shows how lop sided classes are. Joon, Tarlak, Santa, Aeron and Bruce Lee… This is a tough one. There’s also a 4* in contention here with Wilbur’s effectiveness on Titan’s. I’d honestly be torn on this one but think I would go with Wilbur despite him being a 4*. Yes, I know some of the others are better but Wilbur is fairly unique with what he does and no real 5* equivalent.

Paladin - Richard, Arthur, Thorne, Perseus and Aegir make up 5 of the 7 top tier heroes in here making it a another unbalanced class with them all being blue. We all know Thorne, Perseus and Aegir aren’t well regarded so a straight fight between Arthur and Ares for me. I don’t really have much experience of Arthur so will go with Ares

Ranger - Red Riding Hood, Lianna, Athena, Alasie and Evelyn make this another well stocked class. For me it would be Evelyn I could offer a detailed breakdown but it’s sentimental for me as Evelyn is my daughters name :slight_smile:

Fighter - Panther, Missandra, Delilah and Yunan all in here giving a nice spread of colours and variety of hero types. For me Panther would be first choice.

Rogue - A toss up between Inari and Khiona but Inari walks away with the medal in this, that dodge of hers is a real match winner.

Sorceror - Rumpelstiltskin, Thoth and Quintus make this a class full of turkeys, especially when you think of the trio of 4&'s two of those are Skittle and Ameonna. Mitsuko pretty much takes the number 1 spot by default… Let’s face it, this class sucks with the complete lack of choice

Wizard - And we come to the one that is going to cause the most angst. Isarnia, Onatel, Hel, Guinevere, Sartana, Zeline and even outside shouts for 4* Proteus and Merlin… SG really have overloaded this class. We all know Guinevere is pretty much the tank of choice and with tank being arguably the most important role in defence she would be the obvious choice(I have little experience of Hel so don’t quote me on that). Despite that, the class itself is all geared towards damage so I feel they would almost be wasted on Guinevere. So, my ones will go to Zeline

So, there we have my choices. Gravemaker, Kunchen, Alby, Wilbur, Ares, Evelyn, Panther, Inari, Mitsuko and Zeline.

Interestingly, not a single Blue hero in there and some great heroes who miss out simply because they’re in classes overloaded with other top tier candidates(Hel, Guinevere, Tarlak and Kageburado being the glaring omissions)


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