Emblems Are Ruining Raids

My proposal: Emblems are ruining Raids in Empires and Puzzles.

The obvious questions - How?

I’m seeing A LOT of Raid Defenses with numerous defending hero’s with 12, 13, hell I’ve even seen tanks with 19 emblem nodes. So how is this ruining things? Simple. There’s no way the vast majority, if even any of us cancer keep up with Raid Defenses.

You’re probably saying “what? Just emblem up your guys”. And that is the problem. Raid defense only requires 5 hero’s receive a boat load of emblems, and there are defenses with every color tank. There’s no way I can emblem up enough heros to take on these level of teams.

There’s a lot of purple tanks out there, you say. Prepare for them! And then Guin shows up with 17 emblem modes. Reroll twice and see basically the same thing. And so on.

From my perspective it’s becoming more and more difficult to fill my raid chest, and I’m still in the 2500 cups range. It’s not like I’m playing in the 2800 range.

Am I the only one that’s notice this trend?


You wrong my friend because I just opened a discussion about the Emblem earlier this week and I say the emblem do NOTHING actually. What is your problem??? I told you about your problem: you afraid about the emblems not about the hero who is a tank and so on. They going down the same way whatever they have 1 emblem or 20 of them, you just have to play the good way with colour stuck. I use to have almost every hero in my roster with 10 or 15 emblems and I just want to show myself what’s the thing with the emblem so I removed all the emblem for all my hero’s and the results was same, I loose and win the same way. So don’t be afraid about the emblems because they worth noting


@ Nemessis
I’m not experiencing this in 3 and 4* tournaments where there are so many 100 emblem teams.

Fighting up the ranks against 100 emblems requires careful thought about how to stack your attack. And defeating 100 emblems with a team that has none is very doable!

But saying they are worth nothing is a bit of an exaggeration.
However, I think it is “worth noting” that fighting against many emblems with a team that has none makes:

Bad boards much more UNFORGIVING!

As you develop your bench you start to gain longevity and turn bad boards around. Emblems set casual players in a constant dogfight for staying on this never ending ladder, to the point they are falling down.

That said, I don’t believe that raids are ruined. Only that the ladder has gotten taller.
To infinity and beyond…
Which… if you’re a casual player, either you shouldn’t care or… step up your game… or start spending :sob:


I don’t dislike emblems, but i quite dislike how much spenders/whales have already gain as advantage.

There’s maybe 50-100 people that are already 7-8 nodes ahead even on the most active player, and it seems it’s going to increase this trend.

Right now is manageable, but 1 year from now?
How much will gonna be the difference with the average player?

It’s spreading too fast.


We are moving towards and have almost reached a point where raid and war attacks will be the hardest. This is when many very strong players will have five heroes with 16-19 emblems (or even 20 if the last node is really worth it) as defense team (and thus be in the 4500-4700 TP range, a few even above 4700), while even the strongest players’ attack teams will have to use 4* heroes or non-emblemed 5* heroes in order to colour-stack and to react optimally to the opponent heroes’ special skills. Therefore, the average diamond player (one who does not have many super strong event and Atlantis heroes but mostly has to rely on 4* heroes and vanilla 5*) will usually field attack teams in the 3900-4200 TP range.

Good news is that

  • attack teams are quite in favour against defenders as attackers can stack colours and (if they have the right heroes) build a good counter-team to react. So, even with 500 or so less TP, a well-chosen attack team is still not an underdog. True, we won’t have a win percentage of 90 % or so as it was before emblems came up, but 60-80 % is still possible even with considerably weaker teams in terms of TP
  • mid- and long-term, attack teams will catch up again as we will have enough emblems to spread them over much more heroes and will have more very strong options for attackers (like almost fully emblemed 4* heroes, maybe with costume equipped or 5* heroes with several emblems in addition to those who are in the main def / war def team)

Yes, I also have to reroll several times to get a 4100-4300 TP team with, say, Richard or Aegir tank instead of a 4500+ TP team with Ursena or Guinevere tank. Against the former teams my winrate is at least 85 %, probably even around 90 % (and I’m often using three or four 4* heroes…). It might take a few rerolls, but it’s still possible to have relatively easy fights in low to mid diamond. Even as a player that has only very few of the super-strong and super-rare event and Atlantis 5* heroes (which most diamond players seem to have in abundance :roll_eyes: if I look at the def teams there)


Let’s get some misconceptions behind us first.

  1. Not one person in this game has maxed a 5* buying emblems alone. Emblems are the only thing I buy and I have bought every offer. I still do not have enough emblems from purchases or loot to take a single 5 to 20. Those people with insane amount of emblems got just as many with luck and\or hard work.

  2. People who are maxing 3 and 4-star heroes are not going to have highly emblemed 5-stars. The more you give to the lower levels means the less they have at the higher-end.

  3. You only see peoples defenses and people tend to load up their defenses with emblems. Their offensive teams are facing the same issues you are. No one has a bench full of maxed emblemed heroes.

Yes, without a doubt they have made it harder on offense. It’s felt the most in War with the battle aids. Tournaments a little less so depending on the restrictions and modifiers. Regular raids are noticeably harder, but I still feel offense has a clear advantage.

If anything, I believe emblems have evened the playing field and made things less monotonous.


I totally agree. Anybody who says emblems don’t do anything should stop leveling their heroes :man_shrugging:t2:
You don’t think 10 extra levels matters on your heroes? Leave your 4* at level 60 then. Don’t level your 5* to 80, just leave them at 70. Those 10 levels are nothing right? :joy:
What will happen is during war the entire enemy defense field will have 5* at level 100 and I need to make 6 good teams to attack with :joy:
Bull :poop:
Just turning the game more luck oriented. Gonna need to start seeing some MIGHTY good boards! :joy:


I think it’s rather 2-3 nodes ahead if we consider all factors (unless your 7-8 nodes are referring to the whole team and not to single heroes)

  • Those with +18 or even +19 five-star heroes are outliers. Even those who have bought every emblem offer do have heroes/classes that lag behind. I think even for heavy buyers 14-17 is the average if they give all emblems they have for the respective classes to their def team.
  • Many players don’t give all their emblems of a class to one single hero. Therefore, they are naturally way behind. Most active F2P players could field a 5* def team with 11-13 nodes each if they had enough 5* heroes and would be willing to give all emblems to their def-team (ignoring great 4* heroes like Kiril, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Hänsel etc.)

I have never spent a single cent on emblem offers. The only advantage over F2P I have is the one single emblem I get via VIP pass (about 30 per class since emblems were introduced). Still, my barbarian 5* hero is approaching his 16th node. I’ve checked a few other classes and for most I’ve accumulated 750-900 emblems, for a few well over 900 so far (however, they are spread across 3* - 5* heroes or just lie around unused until the right hero is maxed). This means that also in the other classes I could field heroes with 11-15 (or maybe 16) nodes.

What will be in one year?

  • Most active free and cheap to play people will have enough emblems in several (if not all) their classes to theoretically have five-star heroes with 20 nodes. However, they might have several 4* (and maybe 3*) at 18-20 nodes, maybe also several heroes with just a few nodes to have a wider choice of enhanced heroes. What their def team will look like, depends a lot on their priorities and whether their def heroes are also good off heroes. Many will have three or more +15 or higher 5* heroes in their raid def as well as their war def team, I suppose.
  • Whales will have def teams full of 18-20 node 5* heroes and quite a good choice of emblemed 4* and 5* heroes. Still, “normal” players will have strong teams to achieve good winrates even against TP 4700+ teams.

If you’re used to fighting 5* heroes with 4* heroes, things didn’t get harder. Someone who spent 1500 emblems per defense hero had around 15,000 to spend. If you had the same, that’s enough for 30 4* heroes, if even, 6 per color. Plenty of choices for your attacking teams.

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The raids have got tougher with high emblemed opponents. That’s fine.
You still have to build a good team with the heroes you have
Get good boards you win.
Get crappy boards you lose.

Same as always.
The mediocre boards are getting tougher.

As I focus on attack mainly my favorite heroes will be emblemed up to 7 or so to give me depth. Almost time to reset brienne who is +20. But great on 9 * titans.


I hear your point and understand where you’re coming from. those 19 emblem tanks are unbelievably tough. Hell when all hero’s are 14+ it seems impossible. However… counter argument incoming.

If you like this game and like being powerful and invest in it, you want to feel that power and dominance from your investment. They have a reroll option for a reason. Also, sometimes people like the challenge, like myself.

The top 1 % players in the game have spend so much money on this game, they should feel reward by that compared to the casual player. I don’t think it diminishes the gameplay experience at all. All can be solved with proper color stacking and good boards.

I have my hero’s all around the 7-10 nodes. Ive been top 100 multiple times. Top 50 multiple times, top 25 multiple times, and have been 2 US before, 3 World before. Just re roll those crazy 19 emblem teams. Simple as that.

Also, play smarter. Max a squad of 3*'s and 4*'s to use in events. The emblem quests are not that hard. Also when they have emblem deals in the shop, its only $4. Nothing groundbreaking.

So I hear your point but I encourage you to look at it from a different perspective.

Edit: Wrote this before reading all the responses. A lot of people saying the same thing. This game takes time and consistency. No one can come in this game spend 5K in a week and be the best player. The top 1% have been playing at least a year I guarantee you. I feel they have earned that dominance and fear they are instilling in individuals such as yourself.

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Really hope so.

When it comes to emblems, i’m totally F2P (not buyed any offers, not use gems for raid tournament, not going to exploit AL20 for shards).
I’m very active and even use some tricks, still my emblems range is in the 11-13 nodes (with barbarians my best at 14).

Seeing those teams full of 17-19 nodes makes me worry about the feature, as there are really few of them and i’m not really sure how they reach that.

If it’s pretty much a coincidence of big spending and big luck… all ok.
Eventually with time luck should be turn and this gap should pretty much keep stable or increase at a slower pace.

If it is not a matter of luck… it’s too fast and involve a too much small group of people.
No need to say that when it comes tournaments and events this great advantage could be decisive for a competitive aspect and overall fairness.

How you talk about that you seem to know some of them, or at least someone who knows them, so i wanna trust you and postpone my worries for a later time.

If something is wrong about balance, i hope devs keep a look at this and refrain to sell emblems here and there, even if i know is really hard for them to do so generally :sweat_smile:

1 year from now, most players will have a lot of +20 heroes.

I suspect SGG will open up the supply of emblems to normalize the playing field.

Right now? Yes, there’s a marked difference between an Ursena tank with no emblems, and one with +14 emblems. It’s noticeable, but I still have a win ratio comparable to 6 months ago.

My main concern with emblems is that so long as SGG keeps them trickling to players, newbies have no chance of catching up. This will be fixed by increasing emblem drop rates in months to come.

Just my 2 gems.

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I’ll agree with this. I’m not free to play, but I don’t buy emblems.

Just by staying active and chasing every opportunity I can get to add to my collection, my defense team is all in around that 11-14 node mark. The weird thing is it kinda cheapens up over the second half until the last two nodes, There’s more of the 50 emblem stat boosts that are easier to obtain. I figure I’ll hit 17-18 on a lot of heroes over the next two months.

When I run into those 18ish teams, they’re more difficult for me to beat, but it’s still manageable.

Also, we’re almost at the cap point for those 18-19 node teams on emblems. They aren’t going to get much better. While I’m worried about future costumed, emblemed teams now (No street-sweeper Gravemaker, or Koopa-Shell Kingston please), I don’t think the current meta has pushed things too far to destroy competition as OP suggests.

The people who have 18-19 emblem teams also A) worked super hard for them, B) paid through the roof, C) are usually pretty good players who know how to design a defense team. I expect the combination of those three things to have an advantage over me, and am not surprised when I see them higher on the leaderboard and end up struggling during raids on them on those days when I’m pushing into top 100 global.


Obviously I can only speak for myself; but personally I have not found that emblems are affecting raids significantly. This is mostly because, sure, enemy teams are emblemed; but so are mine. And, emblem or not, it still comes down to how lucky you are with the board. The only difference is that when picking heroes, now I have to consider how their talents work together with each other.


Another reason to go mono or 3 - 2. Our lower emblem heroes on rainbow combination will not be able to put a dent in their +18 emblem heroes. Unless the board is exceptionally good, which only happened once in blue moon.

I luv emblem raind!
Teams that are already 4500 combine with the 20% boost to became 4700 :heart_eyes:

Those emblem are useless, I removed all the emblems of all my hero’s and the percentage of loose or win are same. I’m not keeping the hero’s as you said earlier at 3/70 or 3/60 because they’re not on full capacity and there’s a big difference between a max heros and low levels hero’s of course but if you think your team with 10 emblems each of them are stronger than max team without emblems you are mistaken.

Another thing what I can see is the players start to be afraid to face a team with 10 emblems each of them just because they think they can’t be beaten well in my case I’m vice versa I looking for team with hiuge amount of emblems to kik there ars because as big is your proud the bigger is your pain when you loose

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If they won’t increase the max amount of nodes, nothing will happen. You just will face several all +20 teams then.

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