Emblems & aethers production

Considering the game involves countless heroes and it’s still going, it’s a matter of fact that it’s impossible to max all heroes with LB and emblems. So why not introducing a new building or additional AL levels or such and give players the opportunity to:

  • Produce emblems
  • Produce aethers
  • retrain emblems and aethers

The below can be done with bunch of food and iron and long time of production maybe that’s ok but at least it’s a new door to get those mats.

I for example have over 3k barbarian emblems that i don’t need. while i’m so broke in other classes that i need and so on…

Please vote and comment if you’ll agree guys!
Thank you

I would if I was allowed to, but it seems the limit for voting is ridiculously low

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Yes a way to produce these would be fantastic , unfortunately they would rather sell these items.

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well that shouldn’t interfere with selling them. for example we are producing trainer heroes, troops and even gems from AL, but it’s a very long process while the offers are immediate much bigger deals. so they can do the same. production with low process will still benefit players and people who buy won’t stop buying