Emblems : A little help would be welcome

Hi everybody,

I made some choices and I now the heroes who will get my emblems; but I am not sure about the good road to follow.

Ranger : Evelyn (I started with the attack side)
Wizard : Onatel : Should I go for attack, defense or health ? (She’s my tank)
Rogue : Alice (I started with the attack side)
Druid : Alberich : What road should i follow ?

Your advice on these four heroes is highly welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks !

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The conventional wisdom is to reinforce the heroes existing strength. Let them do what they do, but better. For Onatel that would certainly be the defense and health route. She has a substantially below average attack, but very good defense and health. Adding in that she’s your tank and I think this one is very clear.

Alice is a striker - it’d be natural to follow the attack side, as you have.

Your nature heroes are substantially less clear. Both have stats that are basically average for a five star across the board, giving us no clear path. That said, Alberich clearly needs to be alive for as long as possible, especially given his slow mana. I’d favor defense and health for him too, but I don’t think it’s as clear as Onatel (especially given the nature of his talent). Evelyn feels like a hitter, given her fast mana and whatnot, but I’m really not sure; I’ll be interested to see what some others think.


thanks for spending some time for me ! I agree with your point of view, that sounds logical !

For Alby, I would focus on health above all else. He already has a higher attack stat than he really needs, and his defence is above average, too. His HP is the gap in his armour, and when he’s mainly targeted by Gravemaker and Natalya who do high, fixed burn damage, you need as much hp as possible to resist that

Good point ! And about Onatel ? Defense over Health or Health over Defense ?

Defence over health 20 chars

@MantisToboggan makes a great point about some of the greater threats to Alberich and how to counter them with emblems. His talent is also well suited to helping him survive large DoT’s.

For Onatel you do not need to make a defense vs. health decision. I took a quick look at the nodes and if you’re choosing defense / hit points over attack then you never need to decide defense OR hit points. For example, in nodes 2 and 3 we get either get attack and defense or defense and health - we opt for the latter (there is never a branch where we get attack and health or attack and defense).

Don’t worry about emblems. They don’t really do anything.

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Good question.

What tank do you use? Onatel - then I would put talents in defence and health. If you prefer another tank, go for attack.

For Albi I would go for def and health - you need him to survive.

With Evelyn it depends. If you have two of them and using in attack, I would go for attack.
Otherwise, my opinion is that her main role is debufer. So I would go for def and health again.

And there is also a big question whether talent 4* or 5*. I am myself hesitating. I have only seven 4/80 5*. So it might be a good way to create from some 4* literarily new 5* with talents. I guess Boldtusk, Willbur, Jackal, Proteus or Tiburtus might be good choice as they are unique.

But then the other players will slowly create from their 5* new talented 6* for defence for defence team. This is a dilemma, I am not sure about how to solve.
What do you think, guys?

Oh, they do. They do a lot:

  1. You can easily create from 4* a new 5*. And thanks to it, you can boost your attack teams very fast.
  2. You can talent your tank for def and health. And suddenly it survives hit by 3 gems (mono, strong colour) - it is case of Gravemaker for example.
  3. You can with talents reach mana ability. And combining with mana troops you can create fast hero from average hero. Fastest is Tiburtus. If you do not have Panther, then fast Tiburtus could be a solution.
    Or imagine fast Boldtusk or Willbur. It would be great, right?
  4. Talenting 5* in defence team could make the difference.

Not really. They really don’t do much. A couple stat points doesn’t change anything. The only worthwhile talent is mana shield on Rigard because he cleanses ailments and heals your team, so him being purple is amazing when you’re dealing with Guin or Onatel tanks and they’re flanked by rude heroes like Gravemaker. Mana shield and cleanse is a good ability. The rest suck. The stat points don’t affect the game in any meaningful way. Emblems aren’t worth stressing about.

In what world does a 12.5+% boost to attack and a 15+% boost to defense not affect the game in any meaningful way?


The way I personally use emblems is, strikers go the attack route. Defensive/tanks go the defense route. I guess that’s a different way of wording the initial reply.

I went the attacking side with Evelyn. She’s currently +5 with stats of 757 / 730 / 1355.

I don’t disagree, I’m just not sure Evelyn is a striker. I’m more inclined to put her in a different category - something like support hero. She’s their for the debuff so that someone else (a true green striker) can then crush it.

While I definitely see with what you’re saying, she’s also not an inherently defensive hero. A support hero could be argued, depending on the definition chosen. Yeah, she’s no Lianna, but she’s still a striker IMO, just not on the same level. You could almost put her in a category like, “Utility”… At that point, you’d have to decide where you want utility heroes to end up in the tree.

I went with the attacking side because her special is attack-based. Yeah, she’s not a monster hitter, but she does have to attack for her special to apply, so why not make the hit harder?

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Yep, you make completely fair points and I absolutely feel they have merit. I mean, this is basically why, in my first post, I said I wasn’t sure about Evelyn. Even if we agreed about what type of hero she was, I don’t know what path that would suggest.

Seriously, Evelyn has base stats that are almost comedically exactly average for a five star.
Evelyn: 727 / 712 / 1355 (attack / defense / hit points)
Avg. 5 Star: 719 / 712 / 1352

What are you talking about? They are all useful, some more then others. The dodge is amazing, and annoying to face. The extra attack/armor/health is defiantly noticeable. I maxed Melia to talent 20, and I can tell you she was getting 1 shot by 5/6* titans. Now she can handle 2-3 titan shots, and if the minion comes out she lives slightly longer.

Jeez… I had no idea she was that average stat-wise. I knew she wasn’t a monster in either attack or defense, but wow…

I see your point even more now… If the general consensus is to accentuate the stats a hero is already good at, what do you do with someone who’s mediocre across the board? Go up the attack side on one branch, and the defense side on the next? Keep her super mediocre? Or pick one stat and do as much as you can? It boggles the mind! At that point, I’d say it comes down more to play style than anything…

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Continuing the discussion from Emblems : A little help would be welcome:

I’ve noticed to get the absolute most boost from emblems you can’t pay attention to the hero’s stats you have to go to the bottom and see what the percentage boost is in the final tier and use that to choose which way to follow. If it’s attack get those point boost on them then use the percentage attack in the final tier. Same for defense and health.

thanks all ! that’s more clear for me now :slight_smile:

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