Embleming three-stars for new challenge events?

So, with the exciting news about the much improved challenge events now in beta, is anyone thinking of embleming three-stars to help get better finishes/loot? Because I am. As F2P, and in a small alliance that fights baby titans, challenge events look like one of the most viable ways for me to maybe get my hands on more rare stuff. I’m going to post what I’m thinking in each class below. Would be interested to hear whether anyone else is considering this, what you think about my plans, or what your plans consist of.

  • Barbarian: Gormek currently at +16. When I finish him, I might emblem Namahage, Nashgar, or both. Other options would be to emblem Grimm or Little John or save emblems for Azlar (currently 1^9, but have the mats to max).
  • Cleric: Hawkmoon currently at +20. Was planning to reset and give emblems to Rigard (currently +9), but no longer planning to do so. Will likely take Rigard to +20, but then will be torn between Mnesseus and Boril.
  • Druid: Melendor currently at +15, and I plan to take him to +20. After that, I could definitely see taking any of Melia, Belith, and/or Brienne to +20 before embleming Caedmon.
  • Fighter: Valen currently at +20, but still planning to reset him for Boldtusk (currently 4^18). After taking Boldtusk to +20, emblems will go to Poseidon. Would love to keep Valen’s emblems and give some to Gato, but BT and Poseidon are too good. (BTW, why are there so dang many fighters compared to other classes?)
  • Monk: Bane currently at +20. Was already thinking it wasn’t worth it to reset him to take Li Xiu (currently +4) higher. Recent developments solidify this. After finishing Li Xiu, I could emblem Friar Tuck, but not sure that’s worth it.
  • Paladin: Sonya currently at +11. Was planning to eventually reset for Thorne, who will become my tank (currently at 2^60 and will begin climbing again after finishing Kiril). Still probably will, as tank is so important. Could also emblem Tyrum, though.
  • Ranger: Tiburtus currently at +14. Since I don’t have Chao, I can easily see taking Berden to +20 after Tiburtus.
  • Rogue: Danzaburo currently at +16. Considering resetting him for Domitia (currently at 3^53, with the mats to max). Don’t have any three-star rogues maxed. Carver might be worth it (or not).
  • Sorcerer: Sabina currently at +17. After maxing her, I could immediately give emblems to Skittleskull, or I could max Ameonna and emblem her. Alternatively, I think I’ll go to a three-star here, but torn between Gill-Ra (slow, but cleanses) and Janahgir (slow, but powerful).
  • Wizard: Emblems in storage. Had planned to go as far as possible with Kiril (currently 4^62), but now considering taking Balthazar or Hisan to +20, and then taking Kiril as far as he can go. I also have Onatel at 3^70, and I’d love to emblem her, but I lack darts (3).

Would love to hear thoughts from anyone who managed to wade through all of that.


I’ve been slowly embleming a select few of my 3*'s for Raid Tournies. A side benefit is that they’re also emblemed for the events. As far as embleming 3*, I think it’s more justified to do it for tournies. Placing high in challenge events is largely a matter of luck, even with the best teams, and I don’t expect that to change. This, of course, is all just my opinion.

That’s good insight. I’ve never tried to compete for placement in challenge events before. I assumed having a better team would make it easier. To me, the tournament rewards aren’t worth it. The improved challenge event loot makes that even more the case.

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Here are my two highest 3* heroes that I’ve emblemed. I did them mainly for tournaments though. I have others with several nodes but none as high as these two

My highest emblemed 3* hero is Gunnar at +20. He’s one of the tankiest 3* heroes in the game. However, he is not viable for challenge events. He’s good if your goal is to complete them, but not so good for high scores. His ability is more so built for raiding and defending.

Gill-Ra is not as sturdy as Gunnar is for tanking but she’s very well built still. And unlike Gunnar, she’s actually also good at Challenge Events, her special skill drops defense which made her a staple in my Teltoc Rare team, where yellow is a heavy color for enemies. I brought her up to +19 myself, focused on the defense path since so she’d be good at supporting (all damage can come from my Balthazar and Chochin in a dark stack)


Slow mana isn’t an issue? I would have thought that fast mana was a major component of which heroes help score well in challenge events.

I wouldn’t personally, because I’d rather save my emblems for my (still growing) 4* war bench. I enjoy wars more than raid tournaments.

But yeah, if you’re focusing on raid tournaments (3* tourneys in particular), definitely can’t go wrong in throwing some emblems on them. I have a bunch of 3/50 3* heroes so I do okay in the 3* raid tournaments, but I usually end up getting knocked out by people who have emblemed their 3* teams up the wazoo.

Usually yes, fast mana + snipe skill is prefered. However there’s exceptions like Gill-Ra and Ulmer. Only bring 1 of them. Ulmer also has the benefit of having very high tile damage.

They both drop defense, and you can mana potion them to drop the entire boss defense if they’re not charged by the boss round (although they’ll usually be if your board on the enemies was great). You can then fire them, and then fire all other skills on bosses + items and tiles if need be to dispose them quickly.

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Me, too. I’m thinking about the new challenge events, though. Raid tournaments don’t have good enough loot for me to waste emblems on three-stars for that.

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I emblemed Gunnar for raid tourneys, and he’s tanky as all get out thanks to it.

That’s it otherwise though. I’ll make it through with what I have at 3/50.

I haven’t found any 3* Barbarians worth using emblems on.

Boril is great, even without emblems! I’d spend them on Mnesseus. Great hero to have for tournaments!

Melia has my vote on this one! I tried emblems on Belith, very disappointed in the results I saw.

Great line of thought. BT can be taken into any fight versus a 5* team and hold his own with emblems. Valen and Gato with emblems is not as good as I thought they would be. Underwhelming for sure. Stats obviously get a decent boost, but meh. gato is way to squishy, but if he’s emblemed and fires his special he leave a nice dent in just about anybody, if he lasts that long. Valen is a good hero, not great, middle of the road, seems the same with emblems to me.

I haven’t maxed out my Rudolph yet, but I’m interested in trying him out with emblems. I have a feeling he will be much like Gato. A little squishy, but if you keep him alive long enough to fire that special, could be a real nasty fight.

Friar Tuck isn’t worth it if you ask me. Another Bane is where I would spend the emblems!

Don’t waste emblems on Tryum. Plenty of heroes that dispell with much better tile damage. Keeping him on the roster is worth it though. Just wasn’t worth the emblems I used on him and have since removed them and gave them all to Gunnar. MUCH better choice!

I don’t have a decent 3* ranger that i’m willing to spend emblems on. I have way too many 5* Rangers. In fact I feed Berden to other heroes when I pull him.

I have not found a 3* Rogue worth using emblems on.

Gill-Ra all the way!

Hisan before Balthazar. He’s a bit squishy, but preventing heals, adds a DoT and cleanses himself with really good tile damage!


I also prefer to save my emblems for 4s. But, I make sure to at least active the first node on my 3s. You never know when RNG will be in your favor…

I do have some heavily emblemed 3s in classes where I don’t have 4s or 5*s, or where I got them late. Belith +8 is my highest, and I also have Mnesseus and Brienne +6.


That’s how I ended up with Valen, Bane, and Hawkmoon at +20! :smile:


Really appreciate you sharing your experiences. This will help me make my decisions for sure.

With the wizard you can go with Belthazar and Onathel both are great.

F2P and high ranking in challenge events doesn’t come together.

The first 50 spend 1000s of we flags to get the board they want and need to nuke every boss as fast as hell.

Just to finish rare challenges you don’t need max talent rares.

But emblemed rares possibly will reward you in tournaments.

I would say play it like you want to. It’s a game and not everyone has to play it the same way.

play 4 fun
pay 4 fun
stay 4 fun
slay 4 fun

Namahage and Nashgar are both kind of squishy. I’ve used them both on my mono-Red Titan team and regretted it, as I spent more time healing them than attacking. Still, they have their use in challenge events… but Grimm, LJ and Azlar are all worth embleming up instead.

Mnesseus. Much better dispeller than Tyrum due to higher attack (although one could argue that Tyrum’s defense keeps him alive more…). But Mnesseus is great. Hawkmoon was a good choice to bring to +20 considering how few 3* healers there are.

I’ve seen good results with Belith +8. All three of Melia, Belith and Brienne are worth emblems. I suggest spreading the emblems around, though, as each does very different things.

No arguments here. Spread some emblems around Valen and Gato, but keep the bulk for Poseidon and Boldy.

Skip Tuck. You already have Belith and Hawkmoon as healers, and Tuck’s mana boost isn’t that good. Keep your Bane, +20 is significant. As a 4*, Li won’t require too many emblems anyway.

Tyrum could be worth a couple of emblems, but already has high defense so his survivability is decent. His attack is low so won’t be doing too much damage, his main use is to dispel.

Berden is pretty good, I agree to start embleming him while you don’t have stronger Rangers. But you might want to stop at +8 or so, you never know when you will pull a Triton or a Chao…

I’ve been disappointed in Carver. He’s nowhere near as good as, say, Li Xiu. And you have many better Greens. Still, you could spare a few emblems if you don’t have many other Rogues.

Gill-Ra for sure, has a more useful skill. You could give some to Jahangir for Rush Attack tourneys though, he’s amazing there (though Gill-Ra also is).

I have a Skittleskull +3, if you have few other Soreceror options could be worth to give a few to Skittles. Sabina + Skittles will do decently well in their class quests.

Both Balthazar and Hisan are worth a few emblems, but save the bulk for Kiril. Kiril is just that good.

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I was kind of afraid of that. Looking at the new reward tiers, I was hoping I could maybe break into the top 1000, where there is a guaranteed four-star mat. I am in dire need of darts, with fully half of my legendary heroes being yellow.

No doubt. I’ve been finishing all challenge events for months, and the reward tiers have been so poor, I’ve never cared about more than completion. I’m assuming the changes won’t make it any harder just to complete.

Not really worth it. The rewards there, even at high tiers, aren’t that impressive. 2% chance at a four-star mat for top 1% is insulting. I just throw my best shot at tournaments and care very little when I lose. The best part is help filling the hero chest. Otherwise, take my silver token and garbage crafting mats and go to the house.

Definitely. Just trying to maximize my performance in the areas I most enjoy. I’m never gonna kill big Titans, so I want to maximize loot everywhere else. For some reason, devs seem to make rare mats super scarce everywhere but titans (where they are merely scarce). But with a friends and family alliance of 4-5 active players, we’re never getting beyond four-star titans. I thought the changes to challenge events might give me a place to get more mats, but if it’s just another whale playground, better that I know that now.


Thanks much for your observations. Easier to learn from the successes and failures of others.


Not for all the classes, but yes.

I still keep working on my main defence team, so pretty much that emblems are reserved, but all the other classes i’m starting to work on it after i finished my 4*, or stop 5* that are not in my defence for war.

So right now i’m working on: 4 legendaries, 3 epics and 2 rare.

Yes, i’m 1 job short, but i’m waiting to get Melia to instant max emblem her.

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I can regularly break into the top 500 without spending too much on Rare tier, so I’d venture to guess that top 1000 might be doable without breaking the bank. Of course, to break into the top 500, you’d need a strong team of either all snipers, or maybe one AoE thrown-in there, and probably a mono-team.

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