Embleming Namahage and Chochin

Would it be a viable choice to go for the Mana Regen node while embleming Namahage, since Sakura Family Bonus is Mana Regen and he has a strong skill?

Does Chochin have anti-synergy with its own talent grid? Therefore, is it like a terrible choice to emblem it?

Thanks in advance

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I cannot speak for those with Namahage, but I have no regrets leveling and embleming Chochin for 3* Events…but you probably shouldn’t pay attention to anything I say. I don’t really offer any good or sound advice. I’d be better off dead.


With Namahage, you won’t gain enough mana % with the mana node, even with a family bonus to make it worth while, so just go with pure attack. I have 3 of them at +18 now, and they’re awesome. Note - multiple Namahages don’t trigger the family bonus - they have to be UNIQUE heroes.

It’s true that occasionally Chochin’s Sorc Talent will kick in and overwrite his own buff, but it makes almost no difference, and the Sorc debuff is greater. He’s very sturdy, and hits 3 decently. I consider him an excellent candidate for talents.


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