Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide

@sonny.plankton. Then Onatel would be considered a supporting hero in your opinion?

Depends on your playstyle.

Don’t have Onatel but I would go the attack path to enhance the damage she’s doing on top of the mana control. Her Def ist already decent I believe.

Did this with Mist and it works great.

With proteus I use him more or less only to block mana and kill enemy’s with strong hitters.

But there are dozens of possibilities and you can’t really do wrong either way with Onatel.

You might ask your question in the Onatel post. Your alliance mates probably are a good source for other opinions too.

But isn’t non-costumed Li Xiu with costume bonus better than the costumed version for PvP?

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Is there a way for someone to take over this thread? Ooorrr, since @Scarecrow didn’t pass it on to someone, this won’t happen? Ooorrr, is it even necessary? :thinking::woman_shrugging:

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Hasn’t realised that @Scarecrow had retired from the game. That’s both a shame and a loss. Too bad


At this point, only the moderators can edit the post. But I feel that since a lot has changed since @Scarecrow retired (S3 launched, new costumes, new HOTM, etc), so most likely it’s better if someone makes a more fresh and up to date guide. :slight_smile:


as per title, C2P/F2P, I assume that we can leave HOTM behind. the changes perhaps only included S3 and new costumes.

This is amazing. Definitely could use a refreshed guide. What if it was something that lists each hero under an emblem type, ranked by value of giving emblems to and listing where emblems should stop and why etc?

Or perhaps a top 3 4star and top 3 5star selection with commentary for each?

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