Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide

I switch off between Kingston and Poseidon and sometimes use them on the same offense. Should I still prioritize Kingston over Poseidon?

Like I said, depends of your defense… For one, I don’t use two heroes with the same class in defense.


I will keep that in mind. Thank You :hugs:

Thanks for the guide.

I agree with most of things you said, and I would like to layout general rules for F2P/C2P embleming

  1. Emblem your tank (most free to play will have at least one nice 5* tank, delilah in my case) choose wisely, your tank is critical part of your defense. Take in consideration your 5* heroes (my BT as a healer will not get emblems - I have anzogh and for some reason bunch of other great red heroes)
  2. If in doubt test you hero for a few weeks use it in as many situations as possible.
  3. If you feel that your hero is a must just do it dont let anyone change your opinion.
  4. Try to make team synergy for stacking 3-2 and 5-0 (hero speed + effects he can make on your or enemy team are more important than brute power, health or def)
  5. Take in consideration costumed versions of your heroes
  6. Consider titan attacks, what impact your hero will have
  7. Consider the fact that eventually you will have almost all of the vanilla 4* heroes (I will never emblem LJ, Sonya or Grimm they simply do not fit well in my color stacks and i have better options for def)
  8. Troop availability - (If you can get 4* mana troop lvl 6 or something like that on fully emblemed guardian jackal he will fire in 6 tiles - Awesome for raiding, war, titan - useless for defense)
  9. 4* healers are important - even big spenders dont have 5* healers in all colors.
    Some of the best 4* heroes i can think of that deserve emblems:
    Rigard or costumed Rigard
    Guardian Jackal
    Guardian Falcon
    BT or costumed BT
    Melendor or costumed Melendor
    Wu kong

As you can see most of them are healers, some of them are really weak like melendor and they need a bit of boost from emblems. On the other hand if you have tarlak as alternative dont bother with melendor.
Simply take a long look at your team, make your own def team, color stack teams, titan teams and you will have your answer.

Paths to take:
Healer embleming - go the defense path for healers, defense is also good units with low or no attack like wilbur or proteus - you ned their special not their attack.
Attack units - use the attack lane especially if they are rogue or druid. Rogues dodge and druids spawn minions that offers extra protection.
Still take a long look at rest of your team.

Needs to be lvl 11

I agree giving attack symbols to rogue, ranger, fighter, barbarian and other attack heroes of other classes.

I don’t see why I should give druids always attack path. There are attackers (Caedmon) and healers (Melendor). The thorn minion gains 15% life of the hero…more life the hero has more life the minion gets. I choose a very defensive path (def + life) for my Melendor +15 and it works out nicely.

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Im glad u have better options than Grimm and Sonya but if all you have i Kiril’s, throne and Iscarina they look pretty good. Maxing Sonyas(721,855,1205) gives debuffers(have to hit the wing) and my Grimm is 767,636,1321 which is as good or better than many 5*'s

I agree with the rest but no so sure on Wu which I find only good for titans and I have Drake and Joon to emblem.

Great post :+1: nice guide, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: @Scarecrow @Guvnor

Caedmon and Sonya are both kick ■■■ heros. I have Sonya emblemed to 20 and have barely begun Caedmon. Do I need both? If not, I have Gadieras 1/1 for Druid if he would be a better choice, baring Caedmon since I already have Sonya emblemed. And I’ve already got Melendor at +3.

Also, and this might not be the place for it, how do I decide which troops to put with which hero? Makes sense that mana troops go on healers but what about the rest? Or am I wrong about mana troops going with healers?

I have checked and emblemed (8th tier of emblems) Jackal fires in 6 tiles if equipped with 4* mana troop lvl 5. Jackal without emblems needs 4* troop lvl 11 to fire in 6 tiles. I have mana troop lvl17 and my next project is to get second mana troop so i can use it specifically on Jackal.

For healers like melendor I have pointed out to use defense path always regardless of the their class.
There are exceptions to these rules or should I name them guidelines, that is why i said take a long look at your team. I have problem choosing path for anzogh (attack - heal combo), Delilah is a fighter but def line fits her better etc…

Just like i have said you need to take a look at your team. Grimm is good I have 2 of him maxed and I use them mostly for wars and some events. But i also have Guardian Kong (barbarian) that fits nicely in my red stack that is why i went with Kong.
As stated before my tank is Delilah (fighter) so no emblems for Magni and Magni is awesome hero for F2P.
I had tough call wu or wilbur or joon and I went with wu for titans, Im working on wilbur now and joon might be next or maybe not. But in terms of usage i use wu on every titan (6 times a day) so i figured he needs to be a bit more sturdy.

My logic behind not leveling sonya is that i have guardian falcon and richard as paladins. And also i have domitia that can debuff so if i need to ill use her. Result is that i have emblemed falcon and also I have gathered decent amount of emblems since then but i decided not to give them to richard but to wait for richard costume or another paladin.
Similar issue I have with melendor i do like him but he is squishy so i place buddy next to him hoping minions will protect him. I think he will be awesome with costume and emblems so I simply decided to wait.
Dont complain regarding your blue team i have richard, magni and kiril as base for my blue team so your situation in not so bad.

Simply specifics of your rooster will dictate where you go with emblems.

Your trilemma wu, joon and drake. I would go with wu and then drake, he is awesome flank. This is applicable if you like and use wu. Thing is that you will max wu emblems relatively fast and very soon you will be able to turn your attention to drake. If you start the other way you will be embleming drake for a long time.
Again dont let me persuade you, analyze your team.

What about Wu Kong? No emblem love for the monkey?

Most players use Wu for titans only. Average speed and accuracy debuff makes him almost useless in PvP. For one, I don’t gamble with this. I won’t ever put emblems on Wu or Danza. But the players fighting 10*+ titans, with no other options (Ranvir, Tarlak or Miki), could emblem him, of course.


Yeah missed that emblems bonus. My bad.

Go with Mel since you started him…


Sorry not 100% sure how much help I can be regarding the emblems, I tend to just emblem the heroes I use most.

Regarding troops, it depends largely on which heroes and which troops you got…

For heroes & mana troops there are set break points before the mana troops actually do anything…

So with that in mind, the advice I have for troops is to look at the other stats…

Use “mana” troops for your snipers… The mana troop actually is better termed an “attack” troop as they boost the attack stat.

Use the crit troop to boost the weaker troops as the “crit” troop can be called the “defence” troops.


Thanx @Guvnor. I don’t really understand the chart … Will study it further. The rest of what you said makes a lot of sense. :sunglasses:

Sorry for the late response…

As I drastically lack of monks I was asking for wu. On my main I have no maxed 5* monk (still for a long time). Right now I am bringing one of my Leonidas to 3/70 where I will park him forever.

So i maxed my Wilbur to +20
My Wu is at 3/70
My Li Xiu is at 3/60

So on this Account I won‘t spend on Wu (dont need him for Titans, because of Ranvir)

On my Alt I am working my Joon up to 4/80 (will take some more months)

I got my Li Xiu +18
My Wu is at 3/70

As I dont have Ranvir or any other Titan Heroes I am using Wu.
Right now I am completing S2 hard mode where I use Wu in almost every team…

So my Plan is to put those monk emblems on Wu (Def path only) until the day comes and my Joon hits 80.

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Chart indicates the break points for mana troops.

Essentially the left side defines the base parameters…

  • How many tiles each speed mana needs to charge
  • What % mana boost the troops give
  • What % mana boost the class bonus gives

The middle calculates how much mana boost is needed to change the number of tiles needed to charge the mana speeds b

The right side aligns those mana boost requirements with the troops levels/ class node combinations.

Also quoting myself on another thread for an example of the places you can get mana boost & some example maths:


What if no 5* clerics are available?
Keep Rigard at +8 and bring a second one to +8? Or improve first Rigard as far as possible?

I just faced an emblemed +19 Rigard within a full 5* All Star team tanked by Aegir (except that particular Rigard ofcourse).

That Rigard is the last man standing in enemies team. Took me a full shot from Marjana (+5), Lianna (3/70) and Kingston (+5) before he finally perished.

Rigard once emblemed… is truly a tank material that is very annoying because not only he heals… he also cleanse everyone. The only more annoying healer I can think of is Ariel though up until now I still haven’t had the luxury of facing off against an emblemed Ariel.

You’ll never go wrong embleming Rigard.

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