Embleming eve

Trying to decide which direction to continue eve. Heard mixed thoughts. One being more than 3 dots . Take the shield all the way. But some have said sword. So the overall thoughts is what I’m looking for. Thanks guys.

Lol. The message at the top is a bonus clip


I think she’s already moderately robust and her Elemental link healing is a nice bonus to that

As such, I recommend attack. Her Elemental debuff is fab to titans so powering up her tile damage is great for big scores.

More importantly, I really hope Addison gets the car window fixed. Please let them know that, on behalf of the 60k or so forum users, we’re thinking of them :heart:

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Yes. Happened on the way back from a weekend trip. Not back yet. Hope it’s not a major issue. Thanks for the :two_hearts:


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