Embleming advice needed

My question is, should i spend 125 emblems on C. Azlar’s mana node or use them somewhere else ( my only candidate would be C. Gormek). I have a lvl 29 mana troop so i can make Azlar avg speed, but if i use those emblems on the mana node he should be ok with a lesser troop right? So what should i do?

My general rule of thumb for my heroes is to add the mana node to slow and v.slow heroes that I use a lot. My thinking is that any increase can only help.

I took the mana node and the last node. Azlar is now avarage with a lvl 23 troop. I’m not feeding that troop yet to level 29, so I took it

Seeing that you have achieved the 20% that is a breakpoint for a slow hero i probably wouldn’t use the 125 emblems. But if you would benefit from using a lvl 23 troop instead of the lvl 29 I guess it would still be an idea

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