Emblem War: Tween Yoda vs Pirate Pete - Are Zocc and Peters Comparable? ⚖️

I’ve got Zocc at +10.

He’s not a game changer, but I find him useful following Evelyn, Lianna and Kingston.

The first wave kills two and Zocc keeps the next biggest danger quiet while c.Melendor keeps health ticking over, dispells etc.

But, could I replace him with Peters and send all the emblems his way, and even save a few?

Is Silence comparable to Mindless Attack?

I’ve seen a couple of speculative posts on Zocc threads but nothing from anyone who’s actually faced this dilemma.

Any thoughts?

And can anyone share a screenshot of Peters at +20

Here’s Zocc for starters:

Thanks, oh wise community.


I don’t have Zocc, so I can only give a limited opinion on him. I’ve seen him on the defense a few times, and I time it right, I hit him with Malosi so he’ll charge one of my guys. The only comparable I have is Merlin. Ideally when I hit someone with mindless attack, I could fill his mana twice to cause 2 hits, but in reality, that never happens and it wears off while the defender has a good portion of mana filled.

Peters is a nice fast rogue, so he’ll cause a delay in firing, but that’s about it. It gives you some time to feed the target dead tiles to look for something useful. Obviously compared to Zocc, Peters is squishy, so if you plan on using him on a regular basis, you may want to give him emblems.

Here’s a screenshot at +19. Since the last node is a critical node, it doesn’t make a difference. I went the survivability path.


So I have both Zocc and Peters. Have yet to start levelling Zocc due to an extreme lack of tonics. I do intend to level Zocc eventually and am looking forward to doing so (mana manipulation is one of my favourite elements of the game)

I think overall I prefer mindless attack due to the extra damage and being able to leave the opponent on zero mana, whereas, as much as I love using peters the silence to get full effect does need times perfectly and you do really need to have solved the issue before the silence wears off as you are going to have to live with it at that stage.


I 'd go with Zocc. Mindless attack is more annoying than silence, as the mana could go to 0, while the silent doesn’t affect the mana really, but just delay the inevitable.

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