Emblem Usage

I’ve finally upgraded a few 5* heroes and now need to figure out where to use the emblems for each talent tree. My quandaries are:

  1. Evelyn or Lianna – Evelyn is the one I got first and she’s up to level 18, however, I think Lianna would be the better option – for defense and if I have a single Green I’d like to include her on the attacks more often.
  2. Joon or Drake Fong – Joon is the one I got first and have upgraded him to level 15. This one is tougher for me to decide as I like Joon for attack better, but for defense Drake (from what I’ve seen online) seems to get the nod.

And then what path? My assumption is to always choose the path with the attack modifier, but is the conventional wisdom different?

Thanks for any thoughts you might be able to share.

Personally for me:

Evelyn / Lianna -> I would leave them where they are and just start building Lianna up now.

Joon / Drake -> I personally prefer drake over Joon. Here I would look at resetting joon & building up Drake.

In both cases, if they’re on your war defence team I would go Attack > Def > HP. If they are NOT on your war defence team, I would go Attack > HP > Def.


Agree with @Guvnor
I have Drake +20 on my defence. I went Att>def

Evelyn with emblems is good but would build up Lianna from here…leave what you have

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Thanks – i’ve done the reset on Joon and transferred to Drake. I’ll also do as you suggest and just start on Lianna now.

Follow up question, would you put Evelyn with 18 or Lianna with 0 on defense?

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