Emblem Trials Another Rip Off

Nevermind I decided not to go on a rant that everyone will disagree with and then I’ll have ten thousand emails. I don’t know how they expect us to have every one of our heroes maxed out in both power and emblems to fight their third board Heroes. Which are always maxed out in powers and emblems. That’s it please don’t reply I know they’re great I don’t have to play I know all of your replies

I’m replying anyways and tagging you as well. @Prasa

Womp womp


I complete them with non issue. Think we need twice as many so that people who dont complete them get more emblems…


I like the way you think, @Rigs


If you get to the final battle, on the hardest difficulty, with bombs and dragon attacks you win.

You just need to work on your bench and crafting.

Decimation = wizard and fighter is the next trial. Look to see who you will need to develop more to win it. Class trials start on Wednesday’s and Sundays. Get items ready.


Just tryin to help my fellow players lol

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Of course you will you must!! LMAO

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Stack colors as much as you can. Look at the bosses to see if you need a dispeller or cleanser, or healing potions, or carpet bombing items. At the end of each wave, ghost tiles to charge your specials and heal your heroes before killing the final mob and moving on. Clear out dead tiles at the same time


The 3rd tier is designed to be a very tough challenge. Originally, they were going to limit it to level 40 and over players. So people like you and I, with few or no maxed 5* heroes, are going to find them very tough.

If you have trouble with the 3rd tier on some of the trials, try using Dragon Attacks and Bombs. The bombs reduce the damage you take, which helps a lot. And the Dragon Attacks do a lot of damage including thr DOT.

5 Dragon Attacks and 5 Bombs should basically take care of the final enemies. It’s expensive in terms of materials, but guarantees you can complete. I’ve had to do this on several of the trials in the past, and there are still a few that are pretty battle item intensive.


This trial is much more difficult than other based on my team. The only offensive hero I have that qualifies is Drake Fong. Even with Wu, I had to use 4 dragon attacks and 5 bombs to make it through.

The challenge is good, though. These trials were not meant to be completed by everybody.


The final tier of these challenges is super duper hard. I’ve yet to successfully complete one, making them a complete waste of world energy for me.

…that said… when I get one that lets me use a +def hero and a healer… watch out!

Otherwise known as: once my bench is strong enough, I’ll get there! It’s just a really difficult challenge. Kinda nice that there’s something to work hard for, huh? :slight_smile:


The last is hard for me too, I’m overloaded in healers in that one. My first attempt on last I eventually gave up. Was just the Tuckster but I had 3 healers and Boril (foolish me forgot to being a revive scroll for Joon). After half an hour of everyone constantly rehealing to max I’d had enough.

I also ran out of dragons so to finally beat em I had to go with time stops, mana flasks, revive scrolls, and two Joons. Kinda expensive but gotta get them emblems.

Time to farm for some item mats methinks.


You can only take five of each not 6…

They’re not hard when you’ve been playing a long time.

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Some are still hard depending on the heroes you have. Some I breeze through no items required. Some, like this Trials of Piety i still struggle with since I have few hitters. There’s another (don’t remember which) I have no healer at all.

I was kind of horrified by the limits that I had, but nowhere near the elemental one the other week where I discovered that green does not equal nature; so I had just one green “nature” hero out of a roster of over 30 heroes of which 5 are actually green (now 6).

So I had a team this current later time of a 260 R, 323 solo Y healer, an emblemed Bane worth more than three of the others put together, 318 broad attack Y and a 318 assassin Y (slow mana). They want religious heroes and something else. That yellow spirit one, Kali ‘something’ is not very useful and only used her once as all she did well was die in one shot.

I was outclassed and outcompeted at stage 2 of the quest and decided to quit trying, although I almost made it on stage 2. 3? I don’t have a team near remotely near their recommendations.

It’s great practice, just a shame you cannot do over a level completed (I realise that does not work or make sense).

EDIT: I totally forgot to add my battle items both times, antidotes probably may have done it.

That working only if you have at least a full maxed 4* team… but the most if us don’t have a 4* team matching with emblems…

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Ok @Doncastillio, but if you yourself acknowledge that you have a limited selection of heroes, why would you then expect to be able to complete the more difficult content in the game at the moment?


Good point! You expect winning because you need those emblems, no?!??:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Of course you want the emblems, and there are ways to try and beat the harder levels with more limited heroes as people have posted above.

But the levels are more difficult for a reason, and have even been adjusted up fairly recently… so it stands to reason that the developers did not intend those final levels of the trials to be doable for everyone.

These are not the only sources of emblems ingame, you just need time and patience like with everything else in this game :wink:


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