Emblem TRANSFER Token

Emblems are a feature that really need to be rethought.

The amount of resources that are sunk into embleming a hero is A LOT, and it stagnates the game since you now have so much fewer heroes to choose from for defense (both raid and war).

It is the most important thing to address with the whole Telluria-Vela issue, since once a player has emblemed them, they will use those heroes no matter what since they are the strongest in their roster.

  • The Emblem TRANSFER token would transfer all emblems from one hero that is the same star level and class to another (so, for example, a 5* fighter can only transfer to another 5* fighter, and a 4* cleric can only transfer to another 4* cleric).

  • There should also be PARTIAL reset tokens that remove one or a few nodes AND also give the player food and iron bundles! Now I am not saying it should be a 100% food/iron refund, but definitely give at least one small/med/large for each node removed on 3/4/5 star heroes.

  • There should also be a new rare event that rewards partial reset and transfer tokens.

Upon release of these items, there should be an in game email that gives everyone a few paritals and one transfer token.
Additionally if that player owns a Telluria they get one more transfer token, and another one if they own a Vela (so up to 3 total). This way if people feel bad about the nerfs that were done to adjust the game, they will not feel so bad since they have an option to transfer out the emblems at no loss and change up their defenses.

It is a staggering 13.326 million food, and 10.562 million iron to put 20 emblems on a 5*.
It is a lot for 4 and 3 stars too, about 5m/4m and 2m/1.5m
When compared to the amount of food needed to fully max a hero that is a lot (A 5* needs 3.534m food, a 4* needs 1.853m, and a 3* needs 537k)
So with that much of an investment, plus the emblems themselves, regular reset tokens are not used that much. So there is a need for advanced or partial reset tokens that give food and iron bundles, as well as emblem transfer tokens.

Another idea is reducing the max emblems only on 5* heroes from 20 to 10.

As well as good ideas a few have been mentioned before your. Emblem swap to one class to another is kinda new idea, the down side I can see is in war situations as your war defence can’t be changed no emblems health etc they stay the same. So people I know now do move emblems between hero’s now (not gonna name a shame) :wink: so can give more advantage to them in war. Sure its totally up to people to do what they want with them. I wouldnt say foul play but it will give people more a edge in some situations