Emblem stat mistake? Why do some stat increase nodes cost more emblems for less increase on some heroes?

So I’m using emblems on my Boldtusk, which is at tier 6 thanks to a rare chest. However, I noticed an odd stat increase in the near future. When I get to the stat increase that has an X on it, it costs 40 emblems instead of the normal 15. That’s fine because I expect a bigger boost. But that’s not the case. I actually get less HP than normal! I’ve attached screen shots to show this. The same isn’t true for the defense option later on, as I will indeed get more than normal.

Not a mistake. 4* hero needs at least 1200 base HP to match 36 point health talent option from that 3% health bump.


Just because it’s working as intended doesn’t mean it’s not a mistake lol. It’s dumb to make me pay more for less. I’ll move this to the general category instead of bugs.

Ok. I do not concur with your opinion of it being a mistake. :smiley:


Lol what? No one is forcing you to go down that side of the tree…
If you want to take advantage of the 3% HP boost then give your hero more HP options and the boost will be > 36 points. Problem solved.

The extra healing boost isn’t as appealing to me as an actual stat boost. Not even close. And it’s based off of the base HP, so boosting it beforehand doesn’t affect this. It’s just annoying that they set it up to make me pay more for less. Frankly, it’s right in line with their character here so I shouldn’t be surprised. But alas, I am -_-

It’s based off base HP?? Can you show proof of this?
I don’t understand that at all because if that was the case why would they not simply state “+33HP”. The 3% implies it is a 3% boost of all HP.

Yeah, to be honest, i don’t think they give much thought into emblems/classes and how would they work across the board… many useless nodes i would rather skip (costs too much or not useful for the hero).

I am sure those concerns were discussed in the beta as they are clearly obvious yet nothing changed…

It is based off base HP. I tested it numerous times during beta. They say a % cause not all heroes have the same base stats.

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Wow what a disappointment… I have been purposefully allocating talents to nodes based on later on boosting that stat (atk/def/hp), by the %.

There goes any strategy to the talent tree… very lame

Every talent level has a fixed value regardless class, element or stats. 15 emblems each level and 30 each node, with a few exceptions:

  • Levels 8, 10 and 19 costs 40 emblems
  • Level 20 costs 70 emblems

Still very much strategy involved in upgrading the hero in a way to get the most out of them. There are 128 different ways to complete a talent tree and some are absolutely better on certain heroes and play styles than other.

Anyways let’s say it did apply the % to the increases you did along the way. The gain over applying it to just the base stats would be pretty small. For example if you upgrade the HP 5 times that is an additional 180 HP. 3% of extra 180 hp is a massive 5.4 to which would be rounded down to 5hp. Hardly a game changer


128? Considering many paths are just different combinations of atk/def/hp, I don’t think that’s the case.
True that it is a small difference but still don’t see why a % boost would apply to the base rather than the current stat.

I did not say 128 unique results just 128 ways to complete the tree.

There are 7 binary decision points. 2^7=128. Very basic math.


It’s only paying more for less on a hero with less than 1200 health. It’s definitely a better deal on heavy health heroes like Kunchen. Having a sliding cost scale based on actual benefit is an interesting thought.

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I know the math is basic, I was commenting on it’s usefulness in relation to the discussion.
Don’t see how it matters that there are 128 ways to complete the tree if some of those 128 end up with the same result.

they may end up with the same end result, but the benefits you get on the way to that end result are different.

Great info! Thanks! Didn’t know that. Where did you see this? I would like to read about it. I’ve been nervous about using emblems because I’m not sure about it. I have done some 5*, but only one 4* which is BT. The revive is great if he has full mana when killed lol!:smile:

I would like to see some actual verification from the love game not beta about % increases. They change things after beta closes so what happens in beta stays in beta. I find it odd that the % increase would not apply to the total stat. I would also suspect it works in conjunction with the boosts from troops as well.

@petri could you perhaps tell us how the % increase from a talent node is applied

It’s just about the math. Look at any max heroes card without talent levels and multiply the health by .03. numbers always around down to the nearest whole number as well

Yep, that’s really the only point of revive is to possibly allow a hero to fire their special if charged.

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