Emblem Resets

When Resetting emblems to 0 you should be able to use the emblems for another hero instead of the original.

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I’m not sure I follow — you can use the Emblems for any Hero in that Class after resetting them.

What exactly did you mean?


Is the other hero where you want to use it is for the same class ?
If the answer is yes, then is it and its specially skill is maxed ?

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A Reset Token removes all emblems from a hero, allowing you to use those emblems on another hero of your choice. You re-apply the emblems as normal.

Resetting emblems with gems instead of a token does the same thing except you don’t get all of the emblems back

Neither option gets you the food and iron back, but both allow you to redistribute the emblems.

Is that roughly what you’re looking for?

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I had Sartana (Wizard) and used 700 Wizard emblems. I then maxed up Norns (Wizard) and can only go 1 level up because I ran out of emblems.
I reset Sartana to 0 emblems expecting to use them on Norns, but it does not allow me.

Well that explains it — Norns is a Sorcerer, not a Wizard.

She’s not the same Class as Sartana, so you won’t be able to use Wizard Emblems on her.

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I am a dummy then. Sorry i thought it was a wizard. Thanks


Easy enough to confuse them, they’re sort of similar concepts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow I feel such a dill. :+1:

DANG!!! That is awful!! I am so sorry, @Blue66Dragon66. That sucks because you lose all the iron and food it took to put those emblems on Sartana.

Dang. I don’t know if I would be in a hurry to re-emblemize Sartana or not. Maybe wait for s lucrative HOTM, whose a wizard?

Also, @zephyr1, can we move this topic to General Discussion for people seeking advice on Emblem resets for heroes? Because I was actually looking for a topic in General Discussion about that.

I’m wondering if I should remove 14 Fighter Emblems from Valen to be given to Misandra, who is the lone fighter and strongest Ice hero in my primary defense.

Furthermore, I’m also considering pulling 27 Wizard emblems from Balthazar and giving them to Jean-François as well as 27 Ranger emblems from Berden and giving them to Seshat.

I kept those Rare heroes emblemized because of 3* tournaments and color-stack reserves because none of Berden, Balthazar, and Valen are in my primary 3* defense, but they do provide roles in offense.

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