Emblem reset tokens

Just how rare are emblem reset tokens I have only ever received two since they popped up in game the first is the gift they gave everyone and I got one from a war chest. And opinions and answers to this

I have only ever had 2 as well, and they were used LONG ago…

The last 2 5* heroes I got to the talent grid, I had to reset a 4* and lose some of the emblems.

I feel like reset tokens are one of the hardest things to come by in the game!

For me it seems pretty much random. I got 8, and my gf, who maybe opens the game once a day, got 7. None of us have bought the tokens, if that’s even possible.

I’m at 6, haven’t used any yet.

Top 1% tournament has 30% chance for reset token. I get around 3 reset tokens every two months.

Used around 6 alrdy.

Thank you all this is helpful information so I have to do more tournaments I guess been neglecting them…I got my answer.

Here are some people’s stories on where they have found them.

In the beginning they were rare but recently good odds for top 1% tier from tournaments as well as it seems every other trials.

Used 3 and now have 13 left.

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They have recently started putting Reset Emblems in the loot for the last level of Class Trial Quests. Like the Advanced Recruit Quest and Epic Troop Token, it’s not every time, but it’s consistent. I’ve received more from those than from the previous ~7 months of playing.

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