Emblem path to Vanda, Zocc and Mist

I am about to emblem up my Vanda, Zocc and Mist and can’t decide which emblem path to follow, as all of this three are both damage dealers and support heroes:

  • Vanda is very usefull with her ailment blocking and heal stealing so hp/shield path should be chosen. On the other hand, at very fast speed her 125% to all is decent, especially if she fires after 6 tiles (I have mana troops at 11 lvl), and her heal stealing should help her recover.
  • Zocc - his main purpose is to block special skills, but he also deals some damage.
  • Mist - same as Zocc - great support skills, but also additional damage.

I’m sure some here would disagree with me but my personal rule of thumb is, if the hero isn’t a sniper and the damage they deal is essentially “not worth a damn”, then it’s better to beef up their def/HP especially if they offer valuable support.

In Vanda and Mist’s cases, I think it’s fairly straighforward as both deal damage that fall into the “not worth a damn” category, but Vanda’s ailment block and Mist’s mana+SS debuff+buff block are so much more valuable than whatever little damage they do. So for both of them, I would go the full def/HP path whenever possible.

Zocc is an interesting case, as while 300% damage isn’t sniper level, it does have a moderate impact. However IMO I think his elemental link is the most valuable part of his special, as it adds a lot of survivability to a green stack, and you want him to survive long enough to go off and fire (hopefully more than once). For this reason, I’d probably still favor more def/HP over attack, or at least a balanced route. But I can certainly see the merit in going full attack with him as well. It comes down to your play style I’d say.


You say it well! I do not see anything illogical in your ideas!

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