Emblem path for Cobalt

What is the best emblem path for Cobalt?

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Cobalt is killer. Attack is his ninja way


If I have this hero, I would fully emblem him by stripping some of my heroes and go for attack>defense>health nodes. With such stats, I can enjoy his full damage potential when on offense. And on defense, he can be placed at either wing, reducing the chance of being damaged by splash attacks while amassing 3x mana for his OP skill. I dont need him to opt for talent nodes to make him a good tank because he wont fit the bill. Besides, improving defensive stats are only best for tanks and you wont be enjoying it much since it is passive and you dont control the defense.

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I would go full attack path. On wizard class, full attack path has a balanced mix of hp and def nodes. So just take the path that covers all attack nodes.


Thanks for all the responses. Attack it is.

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