Emblem mono red or blue team for rare events?

I’m considering going off the deep end and embleming a 3* team to make top ten with rare events

Red: namahage x3 Rudolph x2
Blue: gato x2, ulmer, and karil x2


I guess it depends on how hard you wanna push…

If you want to push for top 1% or whatever, then it is more board dependent than the specific hero stats… they’ll help but not as much as re-running to get that perfect board.

Otherwise I would say probably not worthwhile.

Here is a proposal:

Emblem only 3 star heroes of every color to serve as tank, i.e. Bauchan (red), Shrubbear (green), Gunnar (blue), Kailani (yellow) and Vlad (purple). Chose the defense and health nodes for these 3 star heroes to increase survivability. Select the color tank based on the existing rules of the tourney.

That makes no sense if you want to score top 10 in events.

I think go for a red team. With many namahage // rabbit // rudolph

@Maaeetz I don’t want to waste too much emblems on 3 star heroes you only use occasionally on raid tourneys and special events. I have several viable and important 4 and 5 star heroes worthy of the emblems more than the 3 stars. As I have mentioned, it is just a proposal should you chose to emblem 3 star heroes, emblem 1 hero per element to serve as tank. That way, you have a higher guarantee that your defense is on decent shape (not on tiptop shape as those 3 star defenses with all heroes heavily emblemed). More important is how to manipulate the boards and tiles when attacking to your favor during tourneys.


I tried with embleming namahage, not worth it as it is. Ranking is more about manipulating board and items. If you really want to use some then you should focus on your main damage dealer and use pots on him only.

Btw the most important here is to find something else than karil cause he sucks

Not for grimforest, but it served me well in last one and should be even better with costume hawkmoon for the future. :slightly_smiling_face:
This time Gato x 5 unemblemed :smile:

What is the point to bring costumed hawkmoon with namahage ? Namahage’s buff is all rounded better.

It‘s not unlogical but it‘s far away from the content of the thread. It‘s about events - purely. No tank will help here :-/

2 reasons:

  1. The heal over time
  2. The buff from Hawkmoon can be held-off until the Namahage ones expire

Aim in 3* star challenge is to complete any stage under 30 sec, you dont need heal for that.