Emblem matters or does it?

Emblems are great. They give your heroes added power when raiders come looting as well against titans and in-game quests…however I am not as lucky to have all my heroes go to battle when those contests are on.
You should have at least 3 maxed and ready teams for normal battles and contests 6 teams for war…what is frustrating is this…you DO NOT HAVE ALL THOSE TEAMS and you can’t beat the raiders due to your lack of maxed out heroes who can’t use emblems…
I am caught up in there needs to be some line drawn with emblems heroes against those who are not!
Is this question ligit?

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There is a need for SG to keep adding content for the players who have been there and done that.

It’s a difficult balance as new players may feel more left behind, while veterans may feel that they worked hard to attain their riches and need new incentives to stay involved.

Personally, I feel emblems are a reasonably good effort at that balance - 3* heroes can be levelled and emblemmed (is that a legit verb?) relatively easily, 5* heroes will take many months or $$$.


Now that a thought. They need to set a balance I believe that

Near as I can tell for high level players on normal (rather than elite) teams that fight 9-10 star titans, we’re looking at 18-24 months to level up a first set of 5*s.

I’ve not missed any opportunity to score high - been top 1% in all tourneys and have bought all offers and score A/A+ on all titans - but I’m still at +7/8 emblems while the top players killing 11-12 stars are at 9-11 so far.

That gap will only continue to grow and one might argue that it punishes anyone in a teaching / development alliance and benefits the players that least need the advantage.

But that’s a cynical take so I’ll just be satisfied with the emblems I get and continue to try to build a 4300 power defence even while the best teams are on their way to 4500+


Exactly. There is also the learners. Category category category…yes in the game if this is not too much to ask!!!
You can’t have those epic and elite beating up on non emblems players!!!
I hope I score and its not a bummer question.

That’s why we fight in cup leagues and our alliances have power ratings. Keeps balance in somewhat check


And there is this thing called ‘stacking’. No matter how emblem’ed (lol at this verb) heavy
was ones team, going mono will give a greater, or zero chance of winning. Much depend on the board. Then again, every risk is worth taken. After all, it’s just a game and game should be enjoyed.

With lower tp comes lesser expectation and vice versa. Catching up in a short time is another thing but it may cost a small fortune!


Not really, my raid wins against 4300 teams with a 4k-4100 team (my only emblemed 5* is Ares at +4 and that was only because I didn’t have Falcon yet) are no different than they were before emblems. War it may make a little difference as your roster thins.

I recommend to invest emblems on your 4*.

Adding 20 nodes of emblems essentially turns a 4* into a 5*. It adds 100 “power” and it costs 505 emblems to do. Many will stop at +18 nodes, as this only costs 395 emblems.

And what do you get on a 5* for 395 emblems? Not much. Not even 1/3 of the way there.

So while you’ve made your 4* into a 5*, they’ve only made their 5* into a 5.3* in the same amount of time. You used to be a whole level behind, now you are only 0.3 levels behind.

Yet people keep putting emblems on their 5*…


Around +7 defensively emblemed tanks start taking an extra tile to kill vs mono - that is a huge difference and results in a 10-20 percent shift in success rate, based on my anecdotal experience thus far.

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Yeah if you can’t kill a tank with an opening 3 move, you won’t have that hole to ghost with another 3 move (just need one tile to get by), and your fast mana and average mana will need an extra combo or a 4 combo to fill mana (without 23/29 mana troops of course). It’s a very big deal.

Emblem your raid Defence 5s and then other offensive or healing 4


Hel is my tank, but I went the attack route… maybe that was a mistake :confused:

Nodes 1, 4, and 7 are talent nodes. That leaves nodes 2, 3, and 5, 6 as attack/defense/health nodes.

You can have a maximum of two of those on defense.

Defense nodes add 18 shields.

Therefore, the most your 5*+7 can have added to its defense is 36 shields.

While 4* +18 or +20 could have added up to 8 nodes of attack if ranger, wizard, or rogue.

Attack nodes are +15 attack. 8 X 15 = 120 additional attack.

You want to pit your +36 defense against my hero that has an extra 120 attack?

Oh… I hope I meet you in wars…!

I may have struggled against your 5* with my 4*, but with my 4*+18/20 against your 5.3*, I like my chances better than what they were before emblems.



I’ll note that I’ve almost exclusively emblemed 4*. So I agree with your overall assessment. But it’s worth noting that Health is also stabilizing for a defender.

The big exception to your analysis is Paladin, where the class nodes are Defense too.


I’m not really seeing this in my experience. If it’s happening it’s so immaterial it isn’t impacting my raid, war, or tourney success in any noticeable way.

I think it all comes down to team tuning, and the teams I am using include 4* who are now generally 14-18 nodes done. Maybe this is only buying time, but I just don’t see it.

And I don’t run Mono, always 3/2.

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I run mono. Please pour alllll your points into attack. It makes my life sooo much easier when my same 3 tiles kill your +18 hero just as dead as before you got emblems

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At this point in development what you say is true. But the unspoken part of this is that your hero is capped at 4* +18/20, while mine, at 5* (.3) is well on it’s way to 5* +18/20, at which point will again dominate your 4*.

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At which point, reset emblems will be one’s best friend :slight_smile:

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